About Us

Workman Success Systems is a family-values company dedicated to making a lasting difference in the lives of the people we serve.

We believe that achieving success in business shouldn't come at the expense of other parts of your life. Too often, real estate professionals run themselves ragged, working nights and weekends to make ends meet without enough time for the things and people they care about most. Our founder, Verl Workman, knows that struggle firsthand.

Our training and coaching help you succeed by giving you the tools you need to work smarter and focus on what will really drive growth while minimizing the activities that tend to be a waste of time. It begins with an evaluation and is customized to the specific needs of each team and individual.

The results are mind-boggling. Time after time, year after year, when people follow our program, their incomes skyrocket and they get their lives back. It's gratifying, and we love it.

Verl Workman

Verl Workman

Over the course of a career spanning nearly 20 years, Verl Workman has delivered over 1,000 seminars, webinars, keynote addresses and other motivational messages to real estate and sales professionals around the world. In 2016, Verl earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association. His winning attitude and undying passion infuse every encounter with a sense of discovery that empowers him to inspire his clients and truly change lives.
Brianne Ika-profile

Brianne Ika

Co-Founder / Chief Strategy Officer
A skilled and dedicated professional, Brianne Ika has spent years learning the intricacies of the business world and developing a formula that has proven financially successful. Whether it is operations or business development, Brianne’s positive energy and love for her work has allowed her to help countless aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals, coast to coast. Brianne’s genuine care for her clients is what sets her apart. Nothing gives her more satisfaction than setting people on the path to prosperity. She is passionate about her work and is always on the lookout for new ways to grow as a person and as a professional.
Brent Gray

Brent Gray

With more than 30 years of experience launching and managing businesses at both the CEO and COO levels, Brent Gray knows business. As the Chief Operating Officer at WSS, he is passionate about ensuring that every client and every WSS team member has the best career and life experiences possible. Brent is an avid tennis player, having competed at both regional and national levels, but finds his greatest joy with his wife, Trish, and their four children, eight grandchildren, and three dogs. "Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you."
Rollin Johnson-profile

Rollin Johnson

Rollin Johnson is a seasoned Senior Operations and Finance Executive working with world class organizations focused on Real Estate, Financial Institutions and Technology. Prior to Workman Success Systems, Mr. Johnson was Senior Vice President for Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), one of the world’s largest financial institutions, member of the S&P 500 and a Fortune 30 company.
Mark WSS (2)

Mark Sanderson

Operations Manager
Resourceful and highly organized Training and Development Manager with several years of corporate employee training dedicated to achieving business objectives by delivering proactive training programs and implementing sound organizational development processes, policies and procedures. Passionate about professional development and internet learning facilitation. Motivated and maintaining quality work ethics to improve organization and employee performance by creating an environment of mutual respect, trust, consensus-building and accountability. Proven ability to pinpoint, analyze, assess training needs within the business and translating those needs into actionable training initiatives also have the ability to assess the performance of existent training programs identifying points of improvement and developing new improved strategies and initiatives.
Nate Workman-profile

Nate Workman

Sales Manager
With 15 years of successful sales experience in various industries, Nate has worked at WSS for over 3 years. He has been involved in many aspects of the development of WSS coaching programs as the company contiues to grow; he is known for leading a rockstar team, consistently pushing them to reach outside their comfort zones.
Shilo Lord-profile

Shilo Lord

Office Manager
Lover of spreadsheets and drinker of Thai iced tea. Theatre major currently starring in the role of Office Manager and loving every costume change that comes her way. She thinks that life in the mountain is great but prefers to be in her natural mermaid habitat gathering seashells in the salty air.
Irene Landeros-profile

Irene Landeros

Executive Assistant
Irene grew up in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Dance, music, design, attending sports games, and exploring the outdoors are her biggest hobbies. Right after college she entered the real estate industry in 2011. Her experience ranges from the daily activities of being on a team to helping coach teams to grow their businesses. Irene moved to the beautiful state of Utah and joined WSS as an Executive Assistant to Verl Workman. She prides herself on providing excellent customer service and is always happy to assist you.
Jay Whiting -profile

Jay Whiting

Coaching Consultant/Personal Trainer
Jay is from Salt Lake City. Studied Business in Washington State. He is a Sales Coaching Consultant for Workman Success and the Fitness Trainer for Verl and company.
Ryan Workman (1)-profile

Ryan Workman

Coaching Consultant
Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Ryan is experienced in sales across the country. He's the loving father of three girls (with one on the way), and the proud member of an Electronic Dance Music family. He loves to eat sushi, and especially enjoys trying different varieties in different cities when traveling with Verl on speaking tours. #familyfirst
Jeff (1)

Jeff Gray

Coaching Consultant
Jeff Gray is a Coaching Consultant with Workman Success Systems. He works directly with real estate professionals across the US and Canada to educate them on the "Workman Way" and how to grow their business to another planet focusing on teams. He has worked in the real estate field for many years and has over 20 years of sales and ownership experience. Jeff resides in Draper UT and is married to his wife Amber. Together they have two young daughters who are his everything. His kids are his "why" and what motivates him to elevate every day. He loves to be active with his family and spend as much time as possible outdoors, hiking, biking, camping and traveling.
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Jon Miller

Account Executive
Jon Miller has been mentoring and consulting for businesses for the last 10 years. Jon’s love of technology and coaching others encourages him to always be on the cutting edge of technology, and he’s always learning! As Jon always likes to say “If you’re not learning daily, you’re failing.” He’s helped companies that range all the way from startups to 100+ employees. In his time off, Jon enjoys activities like camping and gaming with his wife and kids.

Dan Simon

Coaching Consultant
Dan has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. He is passionate about helping people reach their dreams and beyond. He's been happily married for over 25 years. If you need useless movie trivia he's your man. He is sold out in love with his family and everything is done for them. That includes being a Christmas fanatic...twelve trees and always room for more!!!
image (18)

Randy Cochrane

Coaching Consultant
Randy has coached, trained, and mentored thousands of entrepreneurs, managers, salespeople, and customer service representatives for over 25 years. He has extensive experience implementing systems, scaling companies, enhancing profitability, and achieving higher overall customer satisfaction.
robbyheadshot (1)

Robby McBride

Business Analyst
Robby is the office Harry Potter aficionado as well as a business analyst. He could school you on the particulars of real estate, as a future real estate franchise owner, or talk to you about his “Game of Thrones” theories. And if that doesn’t speak to his class, well you’d have to hear him play the piano.
Shane Headshot

Shane McFarland

Business Analyst
Shane commemorated his birthday, September 16, 2020 by joining the WSS Sales Team and he is loving it! With a wanderlust for Utah, he has lived all over the beautiful state. In fact, he loves it so much that he wants to become a successful real estate agent and help people live in Utah too. If that doesn’t pan out, he would settle for being Superman instead; either way, he is helping people… When he has spare time, you can catch Shane playing drums, listening to music, watching movies or sports and working out! Ya know, the finer things in life.
Ky Headshot

Kyland Taylor

Business Analyst
Born in Elko, NV, I moved all over Arizona for the majority of my childhood and eventually found myself in Salt Lake City. From moving around so much, I found a love for the real estate industry and have been in it for the past 2 years after receiving my license. Before that, I’ve had 5 years of sales experience in many different fields ranging from car sales to solar sales and even industrial mechanics. Golfing has become my latest hobby. I love most sports, reading and unfortunately I'm very interested in politics and the stock market.

Matt Hill

Graphic Designer
Besides working for many years as a creative professional, Matt is a kinetic sculpture artist, enjoys origami, cooking, hiking, camping, skiing, and riding his motorcycle.
Aiden (1)

Aiden Keenan

Content Writer
At work you can find Aiden with her nose in an online thesaurus, looking for the perfect word or losing her favorite pen in plain sight. She’s the kind of person who still handwrites letters, and her old soul makes her like black liquorice. She’s a surprising mix of serious looks and sweet-hearted comments. Don’t tell her to smile more! She will when she means it.

Don Lambson

Graphic Designer
I am a one-time publication designer who now designs everything. My career began with Sam Battistone and Sheri Dew at This People Magazine - a regional publication that featured articles and photo shoots with Senator Orrin Hatch, Peter Vidmar, Sharlene Wells and Steven R. Covey. I have worked with companies like Novell, and Dahlin Smith White advertising in SLC, Durham Brands and Target. I am a husband and father to 5 boys and 1 girl, ages 30 to 15. Like Verl, for me family is first.
Coleen Workman (3)-profile

Coleen Workman

Client Experience/Queen
Cooking, carpooling, homework projects, two-door entrances with a "Use Other Door" sign, swimsuits, and high heels. These are a few things for which Coleen holds a mildly strong distain. On the other hand, design, books, boxes with exceptional packaging, museums, Weimaraners, laundry, handbags, and family are some of Coleen's greatest joys. Take note.
Auston_Youngblood (1)

Auston Youngblood

Video Editor/Videographer
Originally from Georgia, Auston (who’s parents almost named him Mac) has made Utah his home for the last 8 years! He studied advertising at BYU (but we won’t hold that against him). Auston can be found flying his drone while snuggling up with a really good burrito or some pho. Born on July 11, Auston is proud to share his birthday with Rapper Lil Kim and Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora.

Patrick Engberson

Video Editor/Videographer
Born and raised in Utah, Patrick "Lava Eater" "Destroyer of Worlds" Engberson is the seventh son of a seventh son. After studying film and media at The U, he spent about a year traveling in Asia and South America. Back in Utah, Patrick decided to run away from the circus and join Workman Success.

Taryn Nielsen

Content Writer
Taryn is a creative and dedicated writer with experience in developing unique and original copy, content, and entertaining stories that provide a message. She loves playing tennis, reading, and spending time with her hunky husband outdoors and on long road trips. She places great importance on creative expression. Although she is quiet, Taryn brings positive enthusiasm and optimism to the table and can get along well with anyone. She also has her UT real estate license and is a published writer on Medium.com.
Rachael Headshot

Rachael Grant

Client Support Specialist
She is a proud mother to 4 amazing kids. After 10 years of being a stay-at-home mom, she re-entered the workforce 6 years ago.  Her professional experience includes over 10 years in clerical jobs, ranging from office management of a medical office to being an executive assistant for an international company. When she's not at work, you can find her running, hiking, reading, hanging out with her kids and family, or enjoying a good Netflix binge. She loves helping people, and is always available to assist with any client needs, and believes that you should “always choose kindness.”

Jade Smith

Client Support Specialist
I was born in New York and grew up in the northeast but for the previous 8 years I lived in Florida to be closer to family before relocating to Utah. I'm excited to experience all 4 seasons again since I love the fall! All of my 5 siblings and I have the same initials, I am an avid swimmer and would live in the pool if allowed. I enjoy photography, Pinterest crafting, baking, and game nights at home. I'm a big fan of Disney. Olaf from Frozen is my spirit animal; he has a way of looking at the world with pure joy and optimism that I strive to mimic in my own life.
Nick Headshot

Nick Lloyd

Senior System Administrator
Nick who is a dad at heart, has really taken the job seriously after adding two new family members to the flock. He grew up with 5 sisters and is proud to add another boy to the family along with his sweet baby girl. Personally named a certified pro at tossing food skillfully into his mouth, Nick hopes to retire comfortably with his wife Meagan so he can fish, play board games, video games, and woodwork every day of the week. You can find Nick in his oasis of an office working tirelessly as Sr. Systems Administrator for the fantastic Workman Success Systems Team.
Adam Reber_headshot_compressed

Adam Reber

Technical Operations Specialist
Born and raised in Arizona Adam has always preferred warmer weather but after moving to Utah he has learned the true value in having four seasons. His lifelong interest in technology and web design helps Workman Success Systems achieve the vision and goals we strive to reach.
Amy Headshot

Amy Anastasion

Amy is kind of a savant when it comes to numbers, so she naturally found herself in the role of bookkeeping. She helps friends and families with their books in exchange for gluten-free cookies. She has two beautiful children, Deianara (12), Xander (5) who both love Soccer as well and she hopes to show them Great Britain one day, as it is her dream destination. She believes in helping others and supports Operation Underground Railroad. You can find her in the evenings hanging with her kids and her 4 dogs: Cairn Terrier, Chaweenie, 2 Shorkies.
Connor (1)

Connor Thill

Marketing Director
A man of high taste and of high caliber, Connor is the genius behind all the impactful marketing that Workman Success Systems currently puts out. He came to Utah from the beautiful state of Oregon where he reigned as the Ping-Pong Champion, on a scholarship to Westminster College. He fell in love with the beautiful state with its 4 season, gorgeous mountain ranges, and red desert. He is an avid mountain biker so he doesn’t take the opportunity lightly. He found his place here at Workman Success Systems and his personal motto is “take the time to do it right, or make the time to do it over”.
Bela Headshot

Bela Gandhi

Marketing Assistant
Bela’s background is in marketing and public relations. She has worked for two nonprofits promoting their uplifting messages. Believing in a company’s purpose and message is extremely important to her. She loves adventuring through Utah and experiencing its beauty. In her free time she’ll be found reading a good book or watching a witty comedy.
WSS-2 (1)

Morgan Gomez

Business Analyst
I am originally from Florida but moved to SLC as a kid. I am a baseball fanatic, having played since before I can remember all the way up to the College level where I also studied Sports Management. After my baseball career came to an abrupt halt, I decided to use the knowledge and skills I acquired to mentor and train younger players. The work ethic, critical thinking and competitive nature I developed in baseball can be seen in my day to day work. I’m always striving to be better than I was yesterday!
Dakota2 (1)

Dakota Giao

Executive Assistant
Originally from Colorado, Dakota has made Salt Lake City his home for the past 8 years. He studied aviation before transitioning into business administration at Westminster College. When working, you can find him helping on multiple projects and enjoying the people he works with... you may even catch him air drumming. When out of the office, you can find him cooking, reading sci-fi/fantasy novels, practicing his bass slapping skills or hanging out with friends and family.