Spending Breakdown for Long-term Success as a Real Estate Agent

real estate agent budget breakdown

As a real estate professional, figuring out the optimal spending breakdown is essential for success. You know you’ve got to spend money to earn money, but how much of your income should you be spending and which expenses should be prioritized?  Luckily, we’ve got the answers to your questions. We’ve helped countless real estate professionals…

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Trying to Build a Strong Team Culture? You Need Buy-in from All Directions

Trying to Build a Strong Team Culture Banner

As a team leader, you may wish you could design a perfect culture, inform your team members, and then quickly watch your business flourish with a brand new attitude. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this. Culture can’t simply be assigned from the top. However, culture also can’t be created from the bottom-up without buy-in from…

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Finding Your Dream Team in a Tough Hiring Climate

How to Find Your Dream Team Members

While a great culture and the right systems can create a dream team, you can’t get there until you’ve hired the right people. Many real estate team leaders struggle to find people who are both qualified and a great fit.  Tammie Slay and Anne Coke joined a WizeHire and Workman Success Systems webinar to discuss…

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How To Build Real Estate Teams That Dominate The Industry

real estate team

Ron Howard used to work 80-hour weeks and still wasn’t making enough to build the life he wanted. He had a team, but it wasn’t cohesive. Then he rebuilt his team, emphasizing a strong culture, great systems, and hiring the right people, and he’s now making more money while working half the hours. Because of…

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How To Create Memorable Real Estate Client Events

Client events create memorable experiences that can add to your team’s legacy. The goal with any event is to put your team’s name and service at the front of people’s minds in regards to real estate and getting out in your community. Putting on a fantastic client event once a year or even several times…

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Everything Real Estate Agents Need to Know About the Fair Housing Act

fair housing act

The month of April commemorates the passing of the Fair Housing Act of 1968 — a law that is still relevant for real estate agents today. Fifty-three years after the law passed, real estate agents remain in a unique position to uphold and advance the standards of fair housing opportunities as pillars of the communities…

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How Agents Make Daily Profit with the DSH Tracker

For real estate agents, it’s difficult to measure a successful day versus an unsuccessful one. It’s not always clear whether a full day of work will amount to any real profit. After all, you’re your own boss; you don’t clock in. Your success is based on the activities you choose to fill your schedule with.…

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Why Your First Hire Should Be a Client Care Coordinator

If you’re a real estate agent who is looking to start a team and you’re wondering which hire to make first, you should start by hiring and onboarding an admin — or more aptly referred to as a client care coordinator. Real estate teams who strive to serve a higher number of clients need a…

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How to Hire, Onboard, and Retain Rockstar Real Estate Talent

The days of the solo agent doing it all are gone, and more and more real estate companies are moving to a team model. Creating a culture of productivity and building a team around your core values will help you recruit and retain superior talent. When you onboard correctly and offer the right tools and…

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