Workman Success Coaches

Emily Knowlton

Coach, Coach On-Boarding Coordinator

By day, Emily is a certified coach and the Coach On-boarding Coordinator for Workman Success Systems. As a car sales convert, Emily spent time as the BDC manager in a Subaru dealership before transferring to the Jim Knowlton Home Team and working first as an ISA and then as a Buyer's Agent. Emily has spent all of her real estate career immersed in Workman Success Systems as part of Jim’s team. Emily enjoyed real estate but found her true passion was helping others build businesses that allow them the time and finances to make their long term dreams a reality.

By night, Emily is a senior Dietetics student at the University of New Hampshire with a minor in Psychology. Outside of helping others grow amazing businesses, Emily loves food and nutrition and has spent countless hours learning about counseling, business management and the science behind eating. She’s a future Registered Dietitian and is excited how all the knowledge she’s gained from her studies will translate into coaching. She loves cooking, warm weather, reading (most) books, riding horses, anything and everything Disney, her dog - Winston - and her fiancé, Andrew.