Workman Success Coaches

Jackie Egan

Coach, Team Leader

From being a company owner, leading her own team, instructing, coaching, speaking and being a systems enthusiast, Jackie brings a deep knowledge and skill set to any discussion or event.

Jackie’s successes in real estate have spanned over 26 years in the industry. She specializes in creating, executing, and sharing systems in real estate that enable leaders, agents and company owners to elevate their performance and leverage their time and talent, so they can focus more on what they want and need to do by working smarter and not harder. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Jackie, as her energy and joy are contagious. Her engaging, passionate, and humorous drive inspires others to realize that there are no limitations to what we can achieve. She is currently a Realtor and Associate Broker at Keller Williams in MN and founder of RESCU – Real Estate Service Center Unlimited. Jackie’s experiences and unique perspectives enable agents and company leaders to maximize their potential in their business and personal lives.