Leverage ’19 Keynote Speaker Kirk Weisler

Who is Kirk Weisler?

Kirk is an executive coach with over 20 years of experience speaking, researching, and building high-functioning, highly profitable teams in multiple industries and niches all across the country. Some of his clients include the Department of Veterans Affairs, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Intuit, Motel 6, Mayo Clinic, American Express, GE, Whataburger, Girl Scouts, and more!

Why I’m Excited to Have Kirk at Leverage ’19

I couldn’t be more excited to have Kirk, a team building, culture creating, leadership superstar that is one heck of a keynote speaker, colleague, and friend. In fact, over the past 20 years, he’s personally helped me build strong communities within my businesses, dramatically reduce turn over, and create an environment where people never leave.

Kirk’s unique presentation style paired with the information that he presents makes him a favorite at every event he presents at. He focuses on helping his audience understand the necessity of creating and fostering culture in their businesses, simple methods for creating an empowered team, and delivering complicated leadership concepts that drive real results.


Leverage ’19 Team Games

Team Games is on January 9th, and is filled with activities, games, and experiences that are sure to not only help you build your team, but will help you wildly accelerate your ability to build a clear, coherent culture…

… transforming your team members into evangelists for you, your business, and your brand!

You’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Kirk, me and my team, and dozens of other agents and teams who are committed to bucking the norm and creating a true work-family based on shared traditions, stories, and experiences.

You know, it’s estimated that as much as 87% of real estate agents throw in the towel on their real estate career within the first five years.

And, you’ve probably already seen it…

Agents who come and go with no real drive or vision, broker hopping, team switching — only looking for the next best thing. Or top producing agents who break off, take half the team, and do their own thing…

This happens all the time in real estate businesses.

But do you want to know the main reason why it’s so common?

It’s because there’s no true vision. No compelling culture. No team connection.

And at Team Games, that’s what Kirk addresses using easy-to-understand games and activities…

But in the end… It’s not about the specific activity.

It’s not about winning or losing.

It’s not about keeping score.

Building culture starts with intentional activities to build your people up, lift their confidence, and inspire them.

So if you’re committed to helping your team live up to their true potential…

Lock In Your Seat For Leverage ’19’s Team Games!