Totally Transformative Coaching

Anybody can learn what to do.
The key is how well you implement what you learn.

That’s where coaching comes in. Administered by flat-out rock stars in the field, our coaching is customized for your particular needs and includes access to all the tools in our training center. You’ll not only get one-on-one coaching in how to excel but with regular follow-ups and mentoring sessions, you’ll have the accountability that makes all the difference. We’ll make sure you’re doing things correctly, and achieve your goals. The results we see are nothing short of astounding. If you’re ready, buckle up and let’s go!

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This coaching is designed for both new agents and those earning a $250K income. With the right systems and processes–oursystems and processes–you can take your business to the next level, and beyond. The AgentTrack option will help you determine if and when you need an assistant, build and develop your database, identify true money-making activities, and automate your processes so you can be more productive and profitable.

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Team Leaders

Designed for agents with a team–or, who already have a team but need more structure. This program coaches the entire team, not just the team leader, and teaches you how to create a winning culture with core values and a strong work ethic. If you need processes, forms and agreements, lead generation, CRM strategy, or any other critical insight to take your team from ordinary to extraordinary, this program is for you.

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Designed for brokers/owners who manage offices or real-estate businesses. Workman Success Systems coaches have extensive experience at this level to guide you in your business. With a special focus on office and team growth, we work with you on the 4R’s of running a successful office (Recruit, Ramp, Reward, and Retain) and help you develop operational excellence, superior hiring processes, enhanced agent productivity, and fair compensation programs that allow your company and your agents to thrive.

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Designed for those who qualify and want to consult with Verl Workman personally and subject to limited availability. Most CEOTrack clients go through other Workman Success Systems programs prior to working exclusively with Verl to ensure their foundations are strong, their systems are in place, and their goals are both well-defined and obtainable. Verl will help you become a better visionary and example, and show you how to lead your employees into being more engaged and successful.

Virtual Team Training That Will Rock Your World

Now available in custom RE/MAX branded training centers!

We definitely live in a virtual world. We have so many resources at our fingertips! Why not increase your real estate knowledge and skills by utilizing our online training modules! You can choose what you need, when you need it. We show you how to eliminate busywork by giving you all of the tools to do it.

Learn to prospect, generate leads, train your admin, close more deals and much more. No matter what you know, no matter how you're doing, you can do better. Let us give you the tools to do something about it, once and for all.

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We get you. Because we walk miles in your shoes every day. Our training programs took years to develop, because we wanted them—we needed them—to be right. To give you what you need most, and to fix what typically needs fixing. There are three programs to choose from:

  • AMP: Admin Mastery Program

  • BAM: Buyer Agent Mastery

  • SLAM: Seller Listing Agent Mastery

  • RAMP: Rising Agent Mastery Program

Each one of these modules will give you tools that can change your business, make you more successful, and help you get your life back.

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Admin Mastery_LOGO_clr

Admin Mastery Program

Everything you need to get your admin trained like a rockstar and running your business!

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BAM_LOGO_clr (4)

Buyer Agent Mastery

The most comprehensive training program to get started fast, hit it hard, and finish on top!

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SLAM_LOGO_clr (4) (2)

Seller Listing Agent Mastery

Find out how to sell more homes than ever before!

Rising Agent Mastery Program
Rising Agent Mastery Program

Rising Agent Mastery Program

Designed to provide a balanced overview of the essentials for real estate agents.

Training Center Enterprise Accounts

When all of your agents are doing the same thing the same way, they perform better. That is what is possible with a Training Center Enterprise Account. You will be able to get a custom-built Training Center that you can customize with your own colors and logo and have your agents all learn and train the same way.

If you're ready to take your office or team to the next level, then let us know and we'll discuss all the options we have to offer you and your team!

Their coaches are top producing realtors who have valuable real-world expertise. The Workman system is fantastic because it provides practical solutions that are easy to implement and centered on growth and improving profitability. If you are looking for an outstanding group of individuals that have a genuine desire to help you achieve success Workman Success Systems is the only choice!

Mike Boland

RE/MAX Affinity Plus

As a new Realtor, I knew I wanted to get a coach as many successful realtors around me were being coached. After searching the many coaching options, I was super excited to find the Workman Success Systems team. They blew me out of the water with their systems and organization as well as real world examples I could put to use immediately. I’ve continued to double my business year after year and attribute a lot of it to Workman!

Brooke Sines

RE/MAX of Grand Rapids

The Workman Success System has been a great addition to my business. Their staff is amazing, my coach is awesome, and all of their information is useful as I work to build my team and take my business to the next level.

Katie Malott

RE/MAX Legends Group

Chett Jones and the team of professionals at Workman are truly stellar with their commitment to giving their clients outstanding customer service. The wisdom and leadership of Verl Workman is a shining beacon of inspiration and the fine people in his company reflect that brilliance perfectly!

Michael Scott

RE/MAX Lifestyle

The Workman success system is that thing that EVERY real estate agent needs. My business was dying for systems and accountability to get me over the hump and the next level. I can thank that workman staff and my amazing coach Brooke Sines for the support and leadership.

Ige Johnson

RE/MAX Generation