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Prepared for: Mike Vanderheyden

Prepared by: Verl Workman, Workman Success Systems

Date: May 9, 2022

Proposal Number: 1.0


WSS is pleased to work with RE/MAX Results to build a best-in-class team training program and individual agent development solution that will combine the exceptional technology, systems, culture, and reputation of RE/MAX Results with world-class training, tools, coaching and systems of Workman Success Systems (WSS). Our goal is to increase agent, and team production, increase net recruiting numbers, and increase retention in every office. Additionally, we will work to improve messaging to RE/MAX Results agents, team leaders, and staff to better reflect a commitment to build the most successful agents and teams in the country.

Both parties should acknowledge at the outset that this is a long-term initiative and that success will come only when we commit to the program and work through challenges as they arise.  

We look forward to helping RE/MAX Results achieve its stated business objectives and have outlined a proposal offering a combination of training and coaching solutions to ensure RE/MAX Results is able to improve their team environment and improve its offerings to teams which will allow you to better develop those with potential, retain at-risk agents, and recruit top performers from competitors.

The opportunities presented in this proposal will enable WSS to assist RE/MAX Results in:

  • Improving agent development and retention through live courses by company facilitators who are certified WSS facilitators
  • Increasing overall agent count while creating leverage and partnering with teams
  • Improve client experience by training and developing specialists in every area of the transaction
  • Developing broker/managers on attracting and growing teams by talking and leading intelligently about teams at all levels 
  • Helping individual agents create better personal lives by creating effective leverage in their businesses

Proposal Summary

There are three key deliverables included in this Proposal:

  1. Multi-Office REAL TEAMS Office (CRTO) Certification
  2. Training Center Enterprise Solution
  3. Leadership, Teams & Growth Consulting

  1. Multi-Office Certified REAL TEAMS® Office (CRTO) Certification

The REALTEAMS Solution, powered by Workman Success Systems, is the only solution-based team enrichment program of its kind. Sourced from top industry leaders and their many years of invaluable team-building experience, this RE/MAX-exclusive program has been curated specifically for broker/owner/managers and team leaders. The Certifications, Specialty Training, Playbook and Toolbox resources, and in-depth REAL TEAMS Office IQ sessions will combine to make the most robust program anywhere in real estate for mastering the skills of attracting, building and growing teams.

Included with the Certified REALTEAM Office (CRTO) are:

  • REAL TEAMS Playbook – a step-by-step guide to help you build and optimize a winning team strategy and offering that covers everything from hiring and recruiting to onboarding and developing team members.
  • REAL TEAMS Toolbox –  a database of hundreds of supplemental tools, systems, and resources, including tools for Business Planning & Development, CRM and Action Plans, Recruiting/Hiring and Team Roles and Responsibilities, and Team Management.
  • REAL TEAMS IQ Sessions –  12 interactive and experiential sessions where you’ll be given the direction to fully implement REAL TEAMS within your brokerage. IQ sessions may be live or recorded and will have additional tools and systems not included in the REATEAMS Playbook and Toolbox.
  • REAL TEAMS Specialty Training –  four in-depth training courses to support agents at any level to reach their goals. Buyer Agent Mastery (BAM), Admin Mastery Program (AMP), Seller Listing Agent Mastery (SLAM) and Rising Agent Mastery Program (RAMP) combine to level up a team’s expertise to grow the team members’ businesses. (Additional Specialty Training licenses are 50% off the regular price of $997, or $498.50 per person per year.)
  • REAL TEAMS CRTO Certification –  a new designation that is soon to be admired and respected by real estate professionals worldwide. The CRTO certification will soon become the gold standard for RE/MAX offices that have a focus on and a program to attract and retain teams at every level.
  • 2 REAL TEAMS CRTL Licenses –  The Primary Broker/Owner/Manager License also includes a coupon code good for two (2) free Certified REALTEAMS Leader Licenses (CRTL), which may be given to the two Team Leaders of your choice. (Additional CRTL licenses are 50% off the regular price of $1,997, or $998.50 per person per year.)


Multi-Office CRTO Annual Fees*:




CRTO License Fee for Primary Broker/Owner




Additional broker/owner/manager License Fee (per person)




        TOTAL:        $15,131.00

*License Fee for the Primary Broker/Owner renews annually at 50%. Additional broker/owner/manager License Fees renew at $597 per year.


Term is 12 months and auto-renews month-to-month thereafter. (Terms of REAL TEAMS program are determined and enforced by RE/MAX, not by Workman Success Systems.)

  1. Enterprise Training Center Solution

The Enterprise Training Center Solution is designed to create a winning training solution for RE/MAX Results and enhance training offerings, programs, culture, and systems. The Training Center will assist team leaders in the training and development of each of their team members, both sales and administrative personnel, at the highest level possible. This robust training solution includes separate programs for buyer’s agents, seller’s agents, administrative assistants, and new agents. The beauty is that every agent at any level can benefit significantly from the training. From team leaders who want to develop rockstars agents to rockstar agents who handle their own transactional work, there is something in this training for everyone.

The Training Center Solution includes access to:

  • Buyer Agent Mastery (BAM)
  • Seller Listing Agent Mastery (SLAM)
  • Admin Mastery Program (AMP)
  • Rising Agent Mastery Program (RAMP)
  • #WorkmanWisdom
  • Workman Success Monthly Webinars
  • Company custom content (if applicable)

Custom Platform

The RE/MAX Results-branded Training Center will be designed to appear as a brokerage-specific solution when agents log in. It will house all of the video training and other content provided by WSS, as well as additional customized RE/MAX Results content*. This branded Training Center will allow RE/MAX Results to track, in real time, the agents who are engaging and those who are not.

*Options and pricing for additional custom content (recorded webinars, recorded live trainings, audio recordings, etc.) available upon request. 

Initial Setup

As part of the initial setup, WSS will create a “branded” Training Center, customized with the RE/MAX Results name, colors, logo, and a banner, as well as providing a unique company-specific URL to redirect your agents to your Training Center. The goal is for the Training Center to look like an extension of your company when your agents log in. You may consider purchasing your own custom URL specifically for your Training Center.

Live Launch

To ensure a high level of adoption of the RE/MAX Results Training Center, WSS recommends a live launch. The Live Launch serves as an introduction to the new customized training solution, encouragement for agents and team leaders to use the Training Center as their go-to resource, and to provide recruiting opportunities for offices.

  • This event is broken down into two 3-hour sessions: 1) an open session for all agents and 2) an invite-only session for top producers
  • The speaker fee for the live launch is included in the summary of services and fees section of this proposal (travel and expenses for two are extra)

Pre-Launch Webinar

In conjunction with your live launch, we recommend doing a pre-launch webinar with your top agents and key influencers in the company to drive adoption of  the Training Center before the live launch to increase adoption among other agents and team leaders. Time for open Q&A will be provided. (Included in the summary of services and fees section of this proposal).

Sample Schedule

We suggest the following launch schedule to ensure the highest level of adoption and success in your WSS Training Center.

  • Day 1: Receive executed proposal
  • Days 2-15: Initial setup
  • Days 16-20: Pre-launch webinar scheduled and delivered
  • Days 30-40: Live launch scheduled and delivered

Workman Way Facilitator Program

Some agents learn better when they are held accountable by an instructor and accountability partner in a traditional face-to-face classroom environment. With this in mind, WSS developed the Workman Way Facilitator Program, which trains and certifies Facilitators to deliver WSS Training Center courses in a live classroom setting.

WSS has created LIVE classroom or virtual classroom versions of three of its key programs, BAM, SLAM, and RAMP. WSS will provide training to designated RE/MAX Results facilitators to become Certified Workman Way Facilitators (WWF). To certify as a WWF, the individual must graduate from the training and complete all assignments and coursework. They will then be given access to all materials, curriculum, and information needed to market and facilitate BAM Live!, SLAM Live!, and RAMP Live! classes.

WSS highly recommends that RE/MAX Results invest in one or more select broker/manager/trainers or other agents to complete the Facilitator Program and deliver Live! classes to other agents in the brokerage. Brokers who run Live! classes experience a higher level of Training Center adoption, which leads to increased production and retention of agents and teams. The one-time fee for an individual to become a Certified Workman Way Facilitator is $797.

As a bonus, Live! classes can and should be a profit center for RE/MAX Results. WSS charges a minimal fee of $150 per person for the class materials. RE/MAX Results (or the Facilitator) may, therefore, determine an appropriate participant fee that is greater than $150, such that the classes are a profitable investment for the company.


Initial Term is 24 months and auto-renews month-to-month thereafter. Parties must notify the other party of its intent to cancel a minimum of 30 days prior to the end of any term.


Enterprise Training Center Solution Fees:


One-time Setup Fee


Monthly Training Center License Fee


    (Includes 500 active users - Additional users $6/month)

Workman Way Facilitator Certification (for one person)


Live Event Rollout (not including travel expenses for two people)


  1. Leadership, Teams & Growth Consulting

When all agents, administrative staff, team leaders and managers in the brokerage are aligned with teams and the team model, it creates a competitive advantage for the brokerage. Managers will be trained on implementing the new business model, generating growth, creating efficiency, and messaging the RE/MAX Results’ value proposition which will lead to increased agent count through decreased turnover and increased one-to-many recruiting of teams and team members. Consulting under this agreement will include working with the leadership team to standardize the team offering throughout the company.

Private consulting is customized to RE/MAX Results’ key objectives. Our consulting team will work with the leadership team to create and implement a strategic plan to propel the brokerage to higher levels of success.


  • Create clarity for brokerage’s vision/compensation plans and messaging to recruit agents, ramp through training and coaching, and gain higher retention by having a full team solution and creating a winning culture amongst teams.
  • Increase company value proposition through WSS training and coaching solutions and assist recruiters in messaging and recruiting new agents through competitive compensation plans and company-provided resources.
  • Assist in helping agents and team leaders create more balanced personal lives by creating a leveraged business model.
  • Provide live training, online training, group coaching and one-on-one coaching at every level of production to assist in agents and team leaders becoming successful.
  • Have a true partner in coaching and consulting for long-term growth and added profitability of the brokerage.

Proposed Solutions:

  1. Consulting Sessions with Managers – two calls per month for 12 months. WSS will coach and train managers twice a month on the following team-specific modules:
  • Becoming an effective leader of team leaders
  • Why teams matter
  • The role of team leader        
  • Partnering with teams for office success
  • Understanding the benefits of being a Certified Real Teams Office
  • Creating continuity in team leader development
  • Talking “to” teams and “through” teams
  • Understanding the additional income that can result from adding teams and team members
  • Identifying and helping promising at-risk teams and agents
  • Using the Identify, Empathize, Qualify, Affirm, and Edify process in agent and team development
  • Engaging with agents and teams through business coaching and awareness sessions
  • Incorporating both WSS tools and brokerage services to help teams and individual agents
  • Team Operations
  • Organizational charts for multiple team types
  • Guide for when and who to hire during team growth cycles
  • Job descriptions
  • Position agreements
  • Structuring compensation for team sales staff and administrative staff
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Operations manuals
  • Agile project management for teams
  • The AMP scorecard
  • Team Culture and Vision
  • Creating and living by core values
  • Serve Regardless of Opportunity
  • Creating proprietary team offerings and solutions
  • Anticipated roadblocks to becoming an effective leader
  • The Five Key Systems for creating cultures of productivity
  • The Rhythm of Meetings
  • Daily huddles
  • Weekly team meetings
  • One-on-one awareness sessions
  • Quarterly reviews - business planning and implementation
  • Creating Accountability through Awareness
  • The OWN Method for creating personal productivity
  • Key Business Metrics
  • Team Member Attraction and Development
  • Identifying talent
  • Understanding personality types in real estate
  • Elevate the industry recruiting program
  • Creation of effective team offerings
  • Utilizing the Training Center programs and accompanying resources to develop agents at all levels
  • The Success Probability Index
  • Increasing reliance on RE/MAX Results’ tools, systems, resources to increase agent and team retention

WSS will teach office managers to speak intelligently on all topics related to teams at all levels. Office managers will have opportunities to ask specific real-life questions and get professional and crowd-sourced help with teams in their offices through this program.

  1. Two live events per year with all agents and team leaders
  2. Two live events per  year with top producers – invitation only – that will supplement the all-agent events (held same day as all-agent event above)
  3. One virtual live launch session with the leadership team

Bonus Advanced Coach Development Content: 

All office leaders engaged in the program will be given exclusive access to two recorded 3-day WSS Coach Training events. Coach Training events give an inside view into how we train our coaches to work with teams and will arm your managers with the skills, systems, and knowledge to talk to teams intelligently and be able to provide coaching to every-level teams. This will complement the private coaching WSS can provide to those who choose to grow beyond entry-level teams.


Initial Term is 12 months and auto-renews for another 12 month period at the end of each term. Adjustment of fee and/or additional group(s) may apply upon renewal based on the number of current managers. Parties must notify the other party of its intent to cancel a minimum of 30 days prior to the end of any term.


Leadership, Teams & Growth Consulting Monthly Recurring Fee


Monthly Leadership, Teams & Growth Consulting Fee


Summary of Services & Fees



Multi-Office CRTO with 22 additional Managers included


Training Center Enterprise Setup


Enterprise Live Launch (not including travel expenses for two people)


Workman Way Facilitator Certification (for one person)





Enterprise Training Center for 500 agents (additional users $6/month)


Leadership, Teams & Growth Consulting (for 23 managers total)





The undersigned parties hereby agree to the above proposed deliverables and other Terms and Conditions as set forth herein:

Workman Success Systems        RE/MAX Results

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