4 Steps To Guarantee New Hires Are A Cultural Fit

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Everything runs smoother when your team has a unified culture. When you’ve worked hard to create this kind of culture, new hires can be scary because it’s difficult to know how they’ll fit in. To eliminate the fear of hiring someone who isn’t a team player, follow these four tips:

1. Describe Your Culture in the Job Posting

The first and easiest thing you can do to find people who will fit with your team’s culture is make your culture very clear in your job postings and allow people to self-select. Many people also care about finding a cultural fit in their new workplace. People who are a good fit will be drawn to the job posting when they read your description and people who are not a good fit will often choose to look elsewhere. You’ll find you’re attracting top-tier candidates after you create the perfect job posting. 

2. Utilize the DISC Assessment Before the Interview

The DISC personality assessment is a behavior analysis tool that gives you insight into how job candidates behave and communicate. Because DISC allows you to understand which personality traits are strongest in your potential new hires, you can run your interviews more effectively. 

Many different personality types can work well on a team, so the DISC assessment is not necessarily a tool for making the ultimate hiring decision. But it gives you a better understanding of the way a job candidate communicates, which helps you better connect with them throughout the interview and hiring process. This enhanced ability to connect with job candidates allows you to get to know their personalities quicker, and more fully. 

3. Discuss Your Core Values Often

Throughout the interview process, you should discuss your core values frequently. It’s important for you to explain to job candidates what the core values mean to you and your team, why they were chosen, and how they impact the work you do. Ask candidates what their own personal core values are and how they can see those values fitting in with your team’s values. 

Often, a simple discussion of values can give you a good sense of a person’s own culture. Similarly, they should be able to get a good sense of yours. If it feels like you have some shared ideas about values and motivating beliefs,  you might be a great fit to work with each other. 

4. Introduce the Team to your New Hires

Your new hires will be spending a large portion of their day with your team. You don’t have time to simply guess whether or not they’ll get along. Why not give it a test run? Before extending a job offer, allow the potential hire and the team to meet and interact with each other. 

This doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out meeting, but even just a five-minute chat can go a long way in helping determine if your candidate will be a good cultural fit and work well with the team you have in place. This chat can even be completely casual, but make sure your team spends some time interacting with potential new hires before the final decision is made. 

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