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A Personal

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Verl Workman

A personal message from Verl:

I’m excited for the opportunity to help your audience achieve Predictable Greatness.

The fact that you’d consider me to help make your next event a smash hit is something I take very seriously. Thank you for your consideration.

I had this page put together to show you a bit of what to expect, help facilitate communication between you and my team, and give you some examples of what I’ve done for other clients.

My goal is to make this as easy as possible for your organization, while knocking your event out of the park the way my clients have come to expect. I'm an event speaking professional who gets super involved — I'll meet with your team personally to know exactly how to tailor my message to you.

Take a look at this page, get a feel for how we’ll fit with each other, and reach out to my team for more information.

Your friend,

Verl Workman Signature

6 Reasons to Book Verl

1. Relevant

With an entire business model dedicated to keeping a finger on the pulse of business, sales, and the economy, Verl’s message is always up-to-date and ready to tackle the current state of things.

2. Proven

Verl’s knowledge and expertise have directly benefited the lives and businesses of thousands of professionals. His personal coaching clients revenue growth rates magnitudes higher than their industry standard.

3. Experienced

Recognized as a Certified Speaking Professional by the National Speakers Association, Verl has delivered hundreds of seminars, presentations, and keynotes to tens of thousands of sales and business professionals worldwide.

4. Involved

Verl and his team are anything but hands-off. When you book Verl for one of your event speaking slots, expect regular communication, high levels of interaction with your team and audience, and stellar personalization for your organization’s specific needs.

5. Customizable

Because of his vast experience in building and coaching businesses, Verl can prepare a custom message for your exact needs. After reaching out for more information, someone from Verl’s team will help establish the kind of presentation your organization needs.

6. Predictable Greatness

Through trial and error and learning from the incredible professionals Verl has always surrounded himself with, Verl has identified a repeatable and predictable path to greatness in business. More than anything else, this is what Verl Workman brings to your event.

Unforgettable Presentations

As a real estate speaker, Verl has had an impact on the lives of tens of thousands of professionals across many industries. His messaging is marked by its energy, inspiration, relevancy, and efficacy. Listed below are just a few of his powerful sessions.


Or Dive

The 4 Pillars of



To Cash

From Zero

To 7 Figures




Top Talent

Build For

The Bounce

Purpose, Productivity,


Untapped Power

Of Teams

See For Yourself

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What Clients Say About Verl

Chris Fidelibus

Read More

Verl saved my Brokerage. He is hands down a family man who welcomes you with love. We are now 6 offices and always growing. Mentorship is genuine and in the right place with him. It is about what is right and he makes sure your team is on board.

Chris Fidelibus

Chris Ruszkiewicz – Verl

Read More

My team and I have made more progress in the last 10 months than we've made in the last 10 years! Verl, you are a blessing to us all, and I thank you for all you do.

Chris Ruszkiewicz

Michiko Chattulani

Read More

Verl's guidance, tools, and plans give you everything you need to be successful!

Michiko Chattulani

Michael Scott

Read More

The wisdom and leadership of Verl Workman is a shining beacon of inspiration, and the fine people in his company reflect that brilliance perfectly!

Michael Scott

Jen Teske

Read More

Verl and his team are great! The systems they have in place are phenomenal and their support is top-notch.

Jen Teske

Leonard Cradit

Read More

Verl is a dynamic and inspiring character! His message and coaching skills are a great benefit for anyone who sells for a living! I think he is awesome!

Leonard Cradit

Anthony Marguleas – Verl

Read More

I have worked with Verl and his team and they are by far the best in the business. They have created some great systems that will enable you to be more profitable while also getting more control of your life.

Anthony Marguleas

Renata Steele

Read More

Verl is a great speaker and offers up-to-date training. Thank you!

Renata Steele

Book Verl Workman For Your Event

Next Steps:

Thank you for your interest in booking Verl Workman for your upcoming event! Once you fill out the form to the right, here’s what you should expect to have happen next:

  • Within two business days, one of Verl’s incredible team will contact you by phone to schedule a meeting where the two of you can establish your organization’s needs, timeline, fee structure, and you can get answers to any questions you may have.
  • Once your needs are established, a simple agreement will be generated and sent to you.
  • From there, we’re set! Verl’s team will remain in contact to fulfill any and all needs as laid out in the agreement. Your event is in great hands.
  • Now you can sit back and wait for Predictable Greatness to wash over your organization, team, or event!

A Custom Experience

Putting a flat rate to such a customizable experience isn’t feasible, so we don’t even try to.

Booking fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. We take into account the length, scope, location, topic, and type of your event and tailor a package to your needs.

Verl’s real estate speaker fees also consider travel needs, his time commitment, and his considerable experience and expertise. Presentations, seminars, and keynotes from Verl Workman aren’t forgettable or fleeting.

For more information on Verl’s event speaking fees, please reach out to
[email protected].