Client Testimonials

Our coaches are amazing. We’re picky about who we choose to champion the Workman Way and teach Predictable Greatness, and we couldn’t be prouder of our Workman Success family. But you don’t have to take our word for it — here’s what our clients have to say about our coaches.

I searched for years for a coaching team I could trust to take my business and brokerage beyond the plateau I had already hit. In a very short time, I am years beyond where I thought I could ever be. WSS gives me the edge I need to leap beyond the stars.


Jemila Winsey

We are absolutely thrilled with our decision to enter into a coaching relationship with WSS. We were well-matched as a husband-wife team with a coach who works with her husband! Our coach has just the right combination of accountability, empathy, and guidance. We are amazed at the resources WSS has offered us, beyond what we expected. We look forward to being not just better realtors, but better leaders and people.


Julie Barr

I have been selling Real Estate for over 20 years and always had coaches. Workman Success Systems is a top-class program that matches you to a coach that will bring you to your full potential. I love that each coach is actually doing what they preach! They see what we are dealing with in real-time.


Leonard Simonetti

Verl’s guidance, tools, and plans give you everything you need to be successful!

Michiko Chattulani

Workman Success Systems has the highest quality content and systems I have ever encountered in the real estate space. I highly recommend them.

Chance Brown

The wisdom and leadership of Verl Workman is a shining beacon of inspiration, and the fine people in his company reflect that brilliance perfectly!

Michael Scott

Verl is a dynamic and inspiring character! His message and coaching skills are a great benefit for anyone who sells for a living! I think he is awesome!

Leonard Cradit

I wanted to tell you I’m so flippin’ grateful I met you and got on this Workman Success Systems platform.


Kerry Thompson

The coaching provided through WSS is absolutely fantastic!!! As a new agent, I have focused on the systems and processes they teach and recommend. In just 4 short months I have already seen measurable results; it has made me excited to keep going and continue to grow and expand my business! There are no gimmicks here — just proven systems and some hard work. I can’t recommend WSS enough — just do it — you’ll be glad you did!!!

Bryan Delaney

I have worked with Verl and his team and they are by far the best real estate coaches in the business. I hired them 18 months ago and they have increased my business 50%. They have created some great systems that will enable you to be more profitable while also getting more control of your life.

Anthony Marguleas

Anthony Marguleas

I’ve had a business coach since 2003 through two other coaching companies. My team and I have made more progress in the last 10 months than we’ve made in the last 10 years! A bit painful — yes — and absolutely worth it! I now finally see the light at the end of the tunnel on the journey to reaching my goals. Verl, you are a blessing to us all and I thank you for all you do. And our coach, Mark Boyland, has been nothing short of spectacular. Thank you, Mark! Very grateful to you all!

Chris Ruszkiewicz

The systems and processes drew me to Workman. Seeing all the spreadsheets and tools sucked me in. Who knows what happens with a lead when you’re not tracking it? You might as well flush money down the toilet.

Brooke Sines

Brooke Sines

We noticed it really going — just one deal after another, rolling into each other. The systems allowed that to happen. They keep us organized. They tell us when to follow up, what to do, what to say, all of that. It keeps us in line and allows us to make those deals continue to happen.


Erika Ramsland

In January, we wrote 32 contracts. Last year we did 26. We met 86 appointments in January, which is the same as 2022, but more impactful, as we had 600 fewer conversations. I attribute that to the skill and the power of the WSS program.

Mahala Landin Headshot

Mahala Landin

Workman Success Systems is that thing that every real estate agent needs. My business was dying for systems and accountability to get me over the hump and to the next level.

Ige Johnson

Ige Johnson

Verl saved my Brokerage. He is hands down a family man who welcomes you with love. We are now 6 offices and always growing. Mentorship is genuine and in the right place with him. It is about what is right and he makes sure your team is on board.

Chris Fidelibus

Chris Fidelibus

I recently finished RAMP and can’t rave enough about the program. Tammie Slay, Cleve Gaddis, and Yamel Ramirez Maynard helped us all explore proven tactics and understand why they work, all while generously doling out valuable tips and tricks from their experience. If you follow along weekly and continuously buy into the program by doing what is asked of you, you will have much more structure and success in your business for the long term. Thanks for the career boost!


Danny Bolton

I’ve had other coaches in my life and can unequivocally say that Workman Success Systems is by far the best in class if you want to achieve success in your real estate business. If you want to be best in class then you’ve got to surround yourself with best in class — and these are them.


Neal Collins

Workman Success Systems empowers you to do the job well.


Sonia Rollins

There are so many learning modules found within the Training Center of the Workman Success Systems website with so much useful information covered in a relatively short period of time that make complex information easy to understand. I look forward to learning more and improving our business daily.

Steven Amowitz

If you’re in Real Estate and you’re not using the Workman Success Systems, you’re missing a huge opportunity to elevate your business to extraordinary levels.  Do yourself a favor and reach out to the team at WSS!

Tommy Daly

I had some systems in place, but it wasn’t intentional. Using all the tools got me on track to getting my time back.

Nicole Van Treese

Great information available to get started and the program is packed with good how-to information as opposed to just cheerleading like some of the other programs. Very responsive and they follow up when they say they will.

Rick Gatten

Even if you are a seasoned broker, Workman Success will take you places you never dreamt of.

Terra Beaver

Terra Beaver

Before I signed up for coaching, I found and used a few of Workman’s free tools. When it was time for a coaching program, it was obvious where to go.

Nick Painz

Nick Painz

The systems, processes, and coaches help to keep you focused on growing and moving my business forward.

Bill Graff

I did good as an independent agent — but that isn’t why I chose Workman. I was working non-stop and really didn’t have a life. I heard Verl talk about teams at a conference and it just felt right to me. The difference has been night and day.

Patty Speakman

Patty Speakman

The wisdom and leadership of Verl Workman is a shining beacon of inspiration, and the fine people in his company reflect that brilliance perfectly!

Michael Scott