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Our real estate Training Center is responsible for the success of thousands of agents and teams across the world. With specific training for every role in your business, this is the last set of courses you'll ever need.

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The Workman Success Systems real estate Training Center is an expansive resource built for team leaders and broker/owners looking to build the skills and knowledge base of their agents and administrative staff. It is also the ideal starting point for independent single agents looking to turn their real estate practice into an established and accomplished business.

As an online database that includes hundreds of hours of video content, the Training Center is the ideal way for real estate organizations of any size and complexity to provide ongoing professional development to their agents. Leaders, agents, and administrators can engage in structured or self-paced learning that directly applies to daily business practice. The centerpiece of the Training Center is our suite of specialized Mastery Courses for every role you have on your team or in your office.

Close Two Additional Transactions Every Month With RAMP

The Rising Agent Mastery Program guides new and rising agents through every step of the transaction, as well as guiding them through planning and growing their business. It's a great first step on the path to achieving Predictable Greatness. Also available as a live course.

What is RAMP?

RAMP is exactly what agents who are brand new to the industry need to quickly rise to the top! It's also great for agents who are returning after time away or agents who are looking to refresh and refocus their approach to real estate. With a focus on essential real estate best practices and proven business systems, agents will learn all about the buying and selling process, business planning, administration, and everything in between.

RAMP is not just about passive real estate training — it’s about actively accomplishing personal and professional goals. With each session, agents are assigned specific action items to help them apply course content and intentionally create the life they want. By committing to RAMP and the systems it teaches, agents will be able to close a minimum of two transactions per month by the end of the 12-week program.

What Do Agents Learn?

Go From Two to 200 Listings a Year

Seller Listing Agent Mastery is designed to show listing agents exactly what they need to do to achieve Predictable Greatness. It focuses on the skills needed to list and sell homes in any market. Also available as a live course.

What is SLAM?

SLAM is designed to help agents generate and close listings in any market. The program was put together by some of the best listers in the country — agents who work the listing side of their business to produce seven-figure incomes. By implementing SLAM’s strategies and tactics, agents create listing opportunities, even in the leanest of markets. SLAM is for listing agents looking to grow their inventory, showing them how to find and list properties. The course helps these agents develop a competitive edge as they look for business by honing their presentation skills and teaching a variety of prospecting techniques.

What Do Agents Learn?

We Train Your Admins

Built by top admins from around the country, the Admin Mastery Program is the most comprehensive real estate admin training program on the market and contains all the resources administrative and support staff need to achieve Predictable Greatness for your real estate business.

What is AMP?

The Admin Mastery Program contains all the resources broker/owners and CEOs need to train and empower their administrative and support staff. AMP teaches admins the ins and outs of the real estate business so they can fully contribute to their teams, creating operational excellence. This exhaustive admin training turns overworked, disorganized support staff into organized, effective superstars that uplift the operations of the entire team! Administrative obstacles are among the leading issues bogging down real estate businesses. AMP shows your administrators proven ways to manage administrative tasks and systems while agents and leaders focus on growing the business. AMP contains everything an admin needs to bring peak efficiency to any team or brokerage, creating Predictable Greatness through the adoption of proven systems, processes, and procedures.

What Do Agents Learn?

Create True Buyer's Specialists

Buyer's Agent Mastery is specially designed to create Predictable Greatness for buyer’s agents by teaching them how to work successfully with buyers from the initial consultation to closing and beyond. Also available as a live course.

What is BAM?

Buyer’s Agent Mastery is for agents who want to master taking buyers from start to finish in the homebuying process. Agents will learn strategies to expertly serve buyers through the entire transaction. BAM is designed to help buyer’s agents quickly start producing in real estate — experienced or not. BAM teaches agents how to represent buyers, from finding clients and showing homes to negotiating contracts and beyond. BAM is the ultimate interactive training program, creating Predictable Greatness by turning average buyer’s agents into real estate superstars who can help buyers navigate any market. Built on nearly three decades of proven success, this comprehensive buyer’s agent training program includes everything agents need to start fast, hit it hard, and finish on top!

What Do Agents Learn?

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It isn’t magic — it’s Predictable Greatness. With the combined experience of our coaches, we’ve identified exactly what works to create lasting success in the real estate industry. We’ve learned the most effective ways to work as a buyer’s agent, listing agent, and admin. Whether you’re just getting started or have been in the industry for years, the Workman Success real estate Training Center has something for you.
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