Freddie Mac Creates Opportunity for Homeowners with Low Income to Stay in Their Homes

The U.S. Congress created Freddie Mac in 1970 to help increase stability and affordability in the housing market. Their role is to expand the secondary loans market by purchasing mortgages to then sell to mortgage-backed security investors. The secondary mortgage market increases the supply of money available for mortgage lending and the money available for…

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Home-Sweet-Home: Delta Variant Keeps the Workforce Away from the Office

Delta Variant Keeps Workers at Home Office Buildings Are Closing Down

Only months ago commercial property owners anticipated office buildings would fill up again after Labor Day, due to the predicted rising vaccination rates and falling infection rates. The spread of the Delta variant and subsequent rising Covid-19 case numbers upended that calculation.  Amazon, along with several other companies, has adjusted their return-to-work plans with this…

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How to Hire a Real Estate Assistant or Client Care Coordinator

how to hire a real estate assistant

If you’re ready to start building a team, you might be wondering how to hire a real estate assistant or client care coordinator. Every team needs a client care coordinator. A client care coordinator can also be called admin, transaction coordinator, or assistant, but they do far more than the title “assistant” implies.  This role…

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The Misconception Around Young People and Homeownership

millennial homeowners

There’s a common misconception that younger generations aren’t interested in homeownership. Many point to the fact that millennials put off purchasing their first home and have rented for a lot longer than their preceding generations did. Real estate professionals can take this information and let it fuel them as they search for the elusive inventory…

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How to Get Clients as a Real Estate Agent

How to get clients as a real estate agent

Whether you’re brand new to the game or a seasoned real estate agent, occasionally, you may reach a slow period of business and wonder how to earn more clients and increase your conversion rate with leads. The key to getting clients is using effective systems that keep you consistent in your client outreach. Here are the…

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How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit from the 2021 ‘Great Reset’

how real estate agents can benefit from the 2021 'Great Reset'

There is speculation that we are on our way to a real-estate bubble in 2021. With competition for housing starting to dwindle as workers are being asked to go back into the office and travel starting to open up, there is evidence that the real estate market will start to level out. But unlike the…

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Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe: Recruiting and Retaining Real Estate Agents

Recruiting and Retaining Real Estate Agents

Ways to Recruit Real Estate Agents  Rick Geha has been recruiting real estate agents for over 40 years. He’s learned how to build a team full of A-players through consistent recruiting efforts, strong culture, and prioritizing retention. Rick looks for team members who are hungry, humble, smart, and coachable. He shared how he’s been able…

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Redfin Anticipates the Real Estate Market Might Be Leveling Out

real estate news, Redfin Anticipates the Real Estate Market Might Be Leveling Out

When will the housing market shift? Well, prices are still high, but they are no longer crawling upward and are instead starting to decline slowly. According to Redfin, there are so many advantages in the real estate market right now and it may increase your buyer’s interest in getting back in the game.  It’s finally…

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