Team Study Reveals Unique Insights on Real Estate Teams

The Unexpected Impact of Teams in Real Estate Cover

Earlier this year, Workman Success Systems partnered with the Center for Generational Kinetics (CGK) to perform a national research study on teams in real estate.

The study sample of 500 included currently licensed and active real estate agents who work with at least one other person on their real estate team such as an assistant, partner, or another real estate agent. The study indicates that teams enjoy immense popularity among the agents that are part of them because those agents believe their team helps them to be more successful. The study also provides valuable insight into team members’ opinions regarding management and leadership styles, culture, training, and more.

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How Real Estate Agents Can Save on Gas This Summer

Fuel prices hurt, but with careful planning and a little ingenuity, real estate agents can take the sting off. Plus by optimizing your driving efficiency, you’ll be boosting the efficiency of your business and making yourself more profitable. Who says this summer’s going to be a wash?

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To Live Freely

Freedom has always been a term with many fraught connotations, more now than ever as the political and cultural ties that bind our society continue to fray. We try to mold it to fit our ideologies or desires or contort it to justify our missteps and vulnerabilities. But I don’t think living freely means just doing what you want; nor does it mean pretending actions, even thoughtless ones, don’t carry consequences. Maybe freedom, at the end of the day, is simply no more or less than the ability to know and celebrate oneself.

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Living with Intention

The idea of “intentionality” has filled the pages of many a self-help book and been the subject of many a business development seminar, to the point that it’s basically a jargon term. We clearly know how to talk about being intentional with our goals and with our actions. All of which, obviously, is perfectly fine, but that doesn’t mean we understand it or even really mean it.

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3 Steps Toward Accountability

To err is human, to be accountable is divine. If you find yourself in the middle of a mistake, remember that the worst thing has already happened, rectify your mistake and reevaluate. Choose accountability for yourself. It’s literally all you can do.

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THINKING BIGGER with Paul Sessum

WSS master coach Paul Sessum spoke to March webinar participants about how to rediscover or find new success in real estate by redoubling our efforts on the small things — prospecting, delegating, sending handwritten notes — that help us build successful routines.

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