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Discover The Unexpected Impact Of Teams In Real Estate

Our study on real estate teams revealed a shocking positive correlation between real estate teams and productivity, profitability, and longevity in the real estate industry.

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81% of agents think that being on a real estate team makes you more likely to stay in the industry.

76% of real estate professionals say being on a team earns them a higher income.

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72% of real estate professionals on teams believe their team has been essential to their success.

77% of real estate professionals had a positive or very positive experience working on a real estate team.

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What Do Teams

Do For Real Estate?

“In today’s world with the complexity of the transaction and the downward pressure on commissions, agents are required to invest more time and resources to complete a transaction; as a result, teams are formed to create leverage. Our mission is to both understand how and why teams are formed and create solutions for teams, brokers, and brands that allow them to support, grow, and remain profitable with team models.”

Verl Workman, Workman Success Systems CEO

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Over the last few years, the industry has appeared to shift its sometimes-antagonistic views regarding teams. The Unexpected Impact of Teams in Real Estate study seeks to understand the current state of real estate teams by investigating the attitudes and challenges of the professionals who work in them. Its findings confirm many of the assumptions we make about the benefits of teams while uncovering key insights into the current real estate team experience — areas any broker or team leader can improve in their organization.