5 Strategies to Increase Listing Inventory During a Pandemic

5 Strategies for increasing listing inventory during a pandemic

We’ve begun a new year, and the pandemic is still holding on tight. The trick is, we have to hold on tighter. Understandably, it is daunting. We may think, as small business owners, that the challenges are too great to continue another pandemic year. But, fear not; we can make it — it’s just about using the right strategies and not setting the bar unnecessarily low. 

Agents who have successfully braved the storm so far have done two things:

  1. They have gotten used to operating completely virtually.
  2. They have focused their efforts on listings. 

When there is low listing inventory (because of Covid-19 or other external factor) what can we do about it? Well, we can serve our communities, our economy, and our own businesses by helping our local listing inventory grow, and we can do that virtually. 

So let’s talk about our new (virtual) reality. Here’s how real estate agents thrive in the virtual marketplace:

  • Host open houses via Zoom: The surprising benefit: you are able to admit more people to a virtual open house than with an in-person one, allowing you to have hundreds of views and leads from a single video walkthrough. Plus, sellers love this option because they avoid the constant traffic in their home.
  • Scale your digital efforts: You are able to host more virtual open houses per week than you were able to do in-person!
  • Focus on reusability: You can post the Zoom open house you initially recorded for those who missed it! This allows you to get more mileage out of each open house you record. 
  • Think about personalization first: When everything is remote, nothing replaces the personal touch of a phone call. Think about increasing your individual phone calls to around 10 minutes or more to really make genuine connections with your clients.
  • Get used to being on camera: Sending personalized videos to clients can be a great way to bring variety to your touches. 
  • Overhaul your marketing for your virtual reach: Focus on ways you can get more traffic to your website and other digital channels. 

Now here are 5 strategies to increase listing inventory: 

  1. Become intentionally data driven. Do activities that are proven to generate listings, based on your previous campaign, client, and local market datasets. 
  2. Improve your pre-listing process. This is about having close to a 100% conversion with your initial seller calls. 
  3. Use scripts for your seller interview and master a virtual listing presentation that focuses on their needs. It really impresses sellers when you show you’re prepared and have their back right from the jump.
  4. Have a polished staging package ready to virtually send to sellers.  
  5. Plan marketing and lead generation that works virtually and gets sellers to pick up the phone and call! Try to stay front of mind for sellers. 

Stick to these proven strategies and you won’t have to give up your aspirations during a pandemic or any other unseen circumstance. Innovate your business by virtually generating your listings and you’ll have a better year than you could have thought possible! 

Want more help developing your pandemic listing strategy? To learn more about how coaching can help you transition to our new normal and grow your real estate business schedule a free consultation with our professional business analysts today!