6 Holiday Gifts Your Real Estate Clients Will Actually Love

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means you’re probably thinking about how to show appreciation to your clients and sphere of influence. The gesture of a thoughtful end-of-year gift is a simple, impactful way to show how much you value these relationships.

But what kind of gift should you give? You don’t want your genuine gesture to seem like one more courtesy business gift that is forgotten as soon as it’s received. You’re busy enough during the holidays as it is, finalizing transactions and meeting family obligations, but client appreciation doesn’t have to be another massive task; it can be easy. That’s why we’ve put together a list of six simple gifts your clients will actually love.

1. The “Night-Out” Pack

Give your clients an experience for the holidays and put all the makings for a fun night out in a box!  A “night-out” box is easy to put together, and might include movie, theater, or sports tickets, passes for an activity like go-carts or mini golf, or a gift certificate to a local restaurant. The more you know about the recipient, the more personalized this box can be. 

2. The “Night-In” Pack

While a night out is always nice, sometimes it’s nicer to just stay in, especially if you have clients who prefer to be “home bodies.” This box could include items like a gift certificate for a food delivery service like DoorDash, a board game for the family, dressed-up popcorn and other treats, or a seasonal cocktail kit. Get creative!

3. Something Uniquely Local

As agents and local business owners, it’s a smart idea to build relationships with other local businesses. Think about the amount of  unique and thoughtful gift ideas that could come from businesses right in your  zip code. These might include things like locally produced honey or items from a boutique bakery. Look around and see what your particular area has to offer, and which local businesses you can support with your patronage.

4. Sampler Boxes

Sending coffee, wine, or other subscription-based or one-time sampler boxes can be a good option if delivering your gifts personally is impractical. Try to pick something that represents a personal interest, either for yourself or the recipient. Otherwise, your recipients might feel like you gave the same canned gift to everyone on your list, defeating the purpose of a year-end appreciation gift altogether.

5. A Charity Donation

Many Workman Success coaches and team leaders have taken the art of gift giving to a new level by making charitable donations on behalf of their clients. This kind of gift is particularly meaningful and personalized for each recipient if you let them choose the organization or cause receiving the donation. Remember, the point is to do something impactful for a valued member of your circle, not just cross off a holiday to-do. Helping your clients give back to their community shows how much you really care.

6. A Hand-Written Note

With all your gifts, be sure to include a hand-written note. It doesn’t have to be long and involved, but your note should communicate something personal about how much and why you value your relationship with the recipient. In an increasingly digital world, a touch like this can make your gift truly meaningful.

With any client appreciation you engage in this season, it’s important not to let yourself get overwhelmed. As your business grows and your list of meaningful contacts gets larger, it can be hard to keep track of who you need to stay in touch with throughout the year.

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