Are You on Target to Win?

Are You on Target to Win?

By Terri Murphy


It’s almost here…and you know it’s coming.


It’s the inevitable countdown to the end of the business year for most sales professionals. You know what I’m talking about—the moment when we take a minute to measure our progress toward our goals to see if we’re on target.

Right now is the moment when you must decide whether you’re going to slow down or accelerate through the last quarter of the year. Super producers are set on finishing on top. They will not have a year go by without hitting their sales goals.


As the seasons shift into year-end, it’s time to assess your intended goals and your actual productivity—and review your excuses for failure.


Here are a few tips to take you from sluggish to superstar slugger:


1. Revert back to your ‘why.’
Ask yourself, “Why do I want more sales?” When you really study it, it’s not just about earning more money, but what you want to do with the income that’s the real driver. Your “why” is the reason you perform the mundane activities that produce the magical results you’re seeking. When your “why” is strong enough, you’ll endure the endless challenges and hassles that try to derail your goals.


2. Examine where your time is being spent on non-dollar-productive activities.
Real estate is a “shock collar” kind of business and every day provides new obstacles. You can’t control what happens in the world of real estate, but there’s definitely a way to control you. Your job is to power through those challenges for more profitability. Implementing a system for tracking your activities to see where you’re wasting time is a great way to identify those time-stealers that impact your time and make you less profitable. The Daily Success Habits Tracker* is a great tool to monitor and measure those daily activities that help convert more productive time to income.

When you hard-block segments of time for productive activities, you can better identify the time you waste on trivial administrative tasks that can be easily delegated and free up your schedule. When you focus on the dollar-producing work of prospecting, negotiating and closing transactions, your new habits result in high productivity at year-end.


3. See the people.
How many times have you heard that people like to do business with those they “know, like and trust?” So why do most agents abandon their clients after the transaction is closed? The problem is they don’t have a consistent touch process to “see” their past clients, referral resources and sphere of influence on a consistent basis to nurture the relationship. The upcoming year-end is a great time to schedule annual client appreciation events in order to see this valuable group in a festive format. Think about combining the event with a local donation drive for all to do some good and have a great time at a non-salesy function. Even if they can’t attend, you’ll have “touched” them in a meaningful way that will keep you top of mind.


Are you ready? It’s time to put the pedal to the metal, accelerate your sales to new heights and finish this year in the winner’s circle.


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