Are You Tracking Your Operational Excellence?

Are You Tracking Your Operational Excellence?

By Jim Knowlton


What is operational excellence? Operational excellence is having a process and system for all areas of your business, which, when followed, gives you a known outcome or customer experience. Understanding this definition can give us clarity into where our most effective improvements will take place.


To improve your operational excellence, start with an evaluation process or tool like the AMP Scorecard. The AMP Scorecard rates your systems and processes in five areas: CRM (contact relationship management), marketing program, lead management, transaction management and business management/accounting.


Maximum scores are given in each category before we compare our scores with the maximum score and then rate the categories by worst to best. Once we have clarity, we can use an Agile or Trello board to clearly define our needed improvements and track our progress.


We repeat the evaluation process quarterly and constantly strive to improve our operational excellence. Growing or scaling our business or team is not possible without operational excellence. We can only do so much ourselves, and without systems, our delivery, our service and our results will begin to fail. In the business of real estate coaching, we need to remember that our customers and clients want our standards, not us. Our systems and processes allow others to deliver the service our clients expect. Operational excellence lets us build, grow and track the results.


For a copy of the AMP Scorecard, click here.

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