Are You Working Too Hard to Get Easy Leads?

Are You Working Too Hard to Get Easy Leads?

By Terri Murphy


Are you uncomfortable asking people you know for leads? You’re not alone!


The most convertible leads come from people who know, like and trust you. Warm referrals at the time of highest need are the easiest and often most successful type of referral. The trick is to help your raving fans keep you top of mind when someone expresses their plans to buy or sell real estate.


How can you help them help you?


The key here is relationships. When you go beyond asking for business, the referrals come from true implied endorsement—a genuine recommendation from a solid relationship, rather than a simple exchange of names and phone numbers.


There are multiple initiatives to get referrals, but to keep the pipeline full, a consistent strategy will up the number and frequency of referrals for more easy sales.


Here are a few tried-and-true strategies to stay top of mind:

  1. Develop a VIP members circle. Identify 50 people you know or do business with who you know will refer you to anyone who may need your services.


  1. Set up a plan to refer their services to your sphere of influence. This can easily be done with a simple spreadsheet. Include their name, email address, profession and contact information. When possible, include personal information like their birthday, anniversary, pets’ names, kids’ names, etc. Keep track of how many referrals (if any) you can direct to them and their services. Make a concerted effort to refer their services by including a mention of their business in your newsletter or Facebook posts.


  1. Post a testimonial on LinkedIn about how great their services have been for you.


  1. Track the number of referrals they send your way.


  1. Set up a monthly “touch” of varying types to keep yourself top of mind, but don’t directly ask for referrals. In the current environment, touches can include a call or sending a handwritten note. Consider a donation in their name for their favorite charity on their birthday, or a holiday drop-off. When you divide 50 people into 12 touches a week, you can rotate through all 50 in four-plus weeks. Avoid using email due to the overabundance most of us deal with daily. Always think personal—not corporate—to stay in touch.


When your VIP group knows you appreciate them and support their business, you are on your way to more intentional referrals and strong relationships that keep on giving. 


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