Be Your Own Best Client

Be Your Own Best Client

By Verl Workman


After 25 years in real estate, what will you have of real value? How will you retire and continue to live a full life? It comes down to taking advantage of opportunities and making smart financial decisions.


How many times in your career have you had a client who was an investor with specific criteria for a property, and when they found what they were looking for, they quickly made the offer? Investors remove the emotion from the buying process and simply pencil the numbers. Can they flip it? Rent it? VRB it? If the numbers work out, they move forward.


As real estate agents and brokers, we’re in a unique position to not only help others find the good deals in real estate, but to also become our own best client. If you ever say to a client, “You should buy this, it seems to be a really good deal,” then you should take your own advice and find a way to purchase it.


One thing I’ve learned in this business is that if you buy right and hold cash flow-positive properties, you’ll be able to retire wealthy. Over time, your tenants will pay off your properties, and you can live on the cash flow or sell them when you’re ready to retire.


Early on in his career, Paul Wheeler, coach and team leader in Tulsa, Okla., made the decision to build wealth for his family, not just his clients. Today, his team continues to make seven figures in commissions, but he could stop working and his properties would continue to provide enough cash on a monthly basis to live well. Owning properties has created additional revenue streams and profit centers for Paul, including a very successful property management company that manages his and others’ rental properties. Paul’s success is a result of him being his own best client.


Instant-offer programs are showing up in many markets. These institutional investment groups set the stage for individual investors to find and buy great deals in today’s market. The business model has shown us that there are a lot of consumers who just want to be cashed out without the hassle of showings, open houses and listing their homes.


Be the instant-offer agent.


First, put together your funding sources. Make connections with cash buyers who want to partner with you initially until you have the money to do this on your own. Set up relationships with banks and lenders who like investment properties and know how to lend on them.


Second, message to potential sellers that you have local knowledge and experience to provide a fast, easy closing.


The only reason people are accepting instant offers is because they want them, so stop trying to fight them. Use this shift to find great opportunities for you and your investor clients.


Remember, most Americans that are truly wealthy either made—or keep—the majority of their wealth in real estate. Are you ready to join them?


Verl Workman is the founder and CEO of Workman Success Systems (385-282-7112), an international speaking, consulting and coaching company that specializes in performance coaching and building successful power agents and teams. Contact him at For more information, please visit

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