Building The Right Team Creates Amazing Experiences

Teams matter! For decades now teams have been on the rise in real estate. While other businesses run as teams, real estate has been slow as an industry to catch on to the the fact that clients can be better served and agents are living more balanced lives both as team leaders and team members.

Most businesses run as teams, but for some reason real estate agents have become so caught up in their personal importance in the transaction they forget to see the most important part of real estate. That is to create amazing client experiences and make sure that their clients are the most educated and prepared person in the the transaction so when they are ready to transact their family wins. Agents for decades have insisted that they (the agent) is the most important person in the transaction and that if not for them the deal would never get done. Comments like “nobody can do it as well as I can” and “my clients really love me, they would never work with a buyers agent” are simply based on ego and an inability to remove ourselves from the transaction.

While this thread may seem biased towards teams it is actually biased towards the consumer. I believe that the game is the best teacher of real estate, and the more you show homes, write and negotiate contracts, list and market, the better you get at each task. It is the opinion of many leaders in our industry, that real estate teams are the future because they create an environment where the client gets to work with an expert in every aspect of the transaction. Here are the basic positions of expertise you could create if you decide to build a team:

Team Leader

Client Care Coordinator

Transaction coordinator

Showing Assistants

Buyers Agents

Listing Partners

Inside Sales Associate or ISA

Each position on the team has a full job description with clearly defined roles and clearly defined goals. Often times the team leader fills most of the roles until their business grows to the point where it makes sense to replace themselves in that role. The key to success in building a team is when the team leader is in each role they must create or follow a system with clear documentation on what is being done so they can train their replacement in each position until their team is fully staffed. The result will be a well oiled machine where the team members are a true extension of the team leader and the client has an amazing experience at every phase of the transaction.

Once the team is formed it is the role of the team leader to create an environment where each person can have success in their position and intentionally create a culture of productivity. With the hundreds of teams we have coached the key to success is learning to create great systems, follow those systems, hire to the right core values and be quick to release team members who create risk, conflict and don’t live the value you have created for the team.

By Verl Workman      


Verl Workman is the founder and CEO of Workman Success Systems (385-282-7112), an international speaking, consulting and coaching company that specializes in performance coaching and building successful power agents and teams. Contact him at

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