Will New Construction in 2021 Create More Affordable Housing?

According to a recent report by the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, new construction was on the rise in August 2021. U.S. homebuilders started construction on 1.615 million homes — that’s up 3.9 percent from July 2021 and 17.4 percent higher than a year ago. Impressively, new construction…

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Freddie Mac Creates Opportunity for Homeowners with Low Income to Stay in Their Homes

The U.S. Congress created Freddie Mac in 1970 to help increase stability and affordability in the housing market. Their role is to expand the secondary loans market by purchasing mortgages to then sell to mortgage-backed security investors. The secondary mortgage market increases the supply of money available for mortgage lending and the money available for…

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Home-Sweet-Home: Delta Variant Keeps the Workforce Away from the Office

Delta Variant Keeps Workers at Home Office Buildings Are Closing Down

Only months ago commercial property owners anticipated office buildings would fill up again after Labor Day, due to the predicted rising vaccination rates and falling infection rates. The spread of the Delta variant and subsequent rising Covid-19 case numbers upended that calculation.  Amazon, along with several other companies, has adjusted their return-to-work plans with this…

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How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit from the 2021 ‘Great Reset’

how real estate agents can benefit from the 2021 'Great Reset'

There is speculation that we are on our way to a real-estate bubble in 2021. With competition for housing starting to dwindle as workers are being asked to go back into the office and travel starting to open up, there is evidence that the real estate market will start to level out. But unlike the…

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Redfin Anticipates the Real Estate Market Might Be Leveling Out

real estate news, Redfin Anticipates the Real Estate Market Might Be Leveling Out

When will the housing market shift? Well, prices are still high, but they are no longer crawling upward and are instead starting to decline slowly. According to Redfin, there are so many advantages in the real estate market right now and it may increase your buyer’s interest in getting back in the game.  It’s finally…

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Tenants Struggling to Pay Rent Receive Support from an Unlikely Place

tenants struggling to pay rent receive support from an unlikely place

In 2019, the government ordered a stay-at-home initiative for Covid-19, leaving homeowners and tenants with a heavy burden on their shoulders as a majority of them struggled to come up with mortgage and rent payments while not working. Since then,  there have been many efforts to help people who can’t afford to stay in their…

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Why Are Major Job Centers No Longer Popular with Homebuyers?

Major Job Centers Are No Longer Popular with Homebuyers

Living near your job is nice, right? No one likes a long commute. That’s why, for decades, homes located within a ten-minute commute of the country’s biggest downtown job centers have always had the highest values. However, recent data by Zillow shows that home valuation is changing. Shifting Priorities: Home Affordability vs. Working Near the…

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A Cutthroat Tactic for Selling Homes Is Voted Out!

cutthroat real estate tactic

As real estate professionals, it’s our job to provide the best service for our clients. When a helpful tactic meant to stir up business actually harms instead of helps, it’s important to do what is best for the community instead of winning the big bucks for your clients.  Let’s take a lesson from Ohio. As…

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A New Home Project Sheds Light On Women’s Involvement in Homebuilding

real estate news

An eclectic, contemporary farmhouse-style home in Utah is believed to be the first home in the U.S. to be engineered, designed, and built completely by women. The project is being run by Utah Professional Women in Building and is intended to showcase skilled tradeswomen from all over the country. The home is referred to as…

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