Cathy Greenberg

Dr. Cathy Greenberg

11 Rings for Peak Performance

Fri. October 27 | 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm

Sat. October 28 | 2:00pm

Dr. Cathy Greenberg, PhD, Author, Speaker, Consultant and ICF Certified Coach has been named a world wide authority on leadership and human behavior by all major business and financial news organizations, and by popular media outlets such as Fortune, Oprah Magazine and Working Mother.

Named a “Top 100 Leadership Coach” by Executive Excellence Magazine she is an engaging speaker and business talk show host on Voice America: Leadership Development News. An active contributor to television including ABC, NBC, PBS, CBS, BBC and Prime Time Specials on CNN. Dr. Greenberg is known for achieving outstanding results for others. A former executive in her own right, Dr. Greenberg enjoyed executive positions at two of the world’s largest consulting firms, founded two leadership centers, three consulting firms and worked across all industries around the globe.