Change. Sounds Easy Enough.


Change. Sounds Easy Enough.

By Sara Guldi


Change. Sounds easy enough. Yet, anyone who’s tried to change a habit or a pattern unsuccessfully will tell you that it isn’t. I think it’s both easy and hard. It may take us days, months or even years to decide that we’re ready to change, and then suddenly we make a decision and we change in an instant. Follow these five steps to elevate your growth to levels you never thought possible before when you’re challenged to change.


Know Your Outcome
Be clear on what you want. This step is non-negotiable. Think about what you desire and list specific goals and outcomes you commit to achieving. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.


Take Action
Have your list? Take action. So many times, we sit and ponder what the next step is without ever acting on it. Want a new career? Go look for a job. Want to lose weight? Eat less and move more. Sitting around wishing things would change is how life passes by.


Have Sensory Acuity
Sensory acuity is using our senses to observe ourselves and others. Pay attention to the feedback and signals you get from yourself and others. Be aware of the feedback and use it to adjust as needed.


Have Behavioral Flexibility
Recently, in a real estate-focused Facebook group, I saw a post where a newer agent asked how agents dealt with “annoying kids distracting their parents” during appointments. Some commenters got indignant, berating him. Others offered great suggestions on managing the situation. I reached out to him and we had a conversation. He explained to me that reading social cues was challenging for him. I suggested some ways to preempt the distractions and how to be more flexible when they did come up, as they are bound to do. And, more importantly, to see that compassion would always help him—compassion for the parents, compassion for the kids, and for the situation. By being more flexible in the face of distraction, he’ll succeed at more listing appointments. If the way you’re behaving isn’t working, be willing to change your behavior.


Operate From a Physiology and Psychology of Excellence
This includes how you stand, how you present yourself, the thoughts that run through your mind, as well as how you act. Be certain that the thoughts you think and the actions you take move you toward achieving your outcome. How do you present yourself every day? Do you dress for success? Do you know your market stats? Do you listen to, respond and speak thoughtfully and clearly? Be congruent in how you act, behave and carry yourself in public and private in order to achieve your goals.


Recognizing that you can change and acting to achieve that change will elevate your growth to levels you didn’t realize were possible.


Sara Guldi of The Guldi Group has been a licensed Real Estate Salesperson since 2004. She lives in Florida and has a team in Maryland that consistently exceeds $20 million in production annually, with an average sales price of approximately $165K. In their best year, The Guldi Group did $64 million in production, and they attribute their long-term success to a strong commitment to systems and coaching. Guldi’s passion is coaching, and she loves helping others build amazing business and lives using the performance coaching systems developed by Workman Success Systems. Contact her at For more information, please visit  

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