Change These 3 Limiting Beliefs in 2021 to Have Your Best Year in Real Estate

As the owner of your business, what you tell yourself matters. How your reality relates to your aspirations is affected by what you believe you are capable of. We can achieve more than we think, but it’s our limiting beliefs that keep us from real growth and actualization of what we want. 

Who understands the effects of resistance and false beliefs on an agent’s life more than most? Who recognizes more than anyone agents who are at risk of not realizing their potential? Their coaches. Workman Success Systems’ elite real estate coaches have heard it all — everything an agent can personally believe that is stunting their success. So WSS has identified the top three limiting beliefs that we know need to change for an agent to level up in their career. Read on to see how we debunk each of these three ideas that are blocking your success: 

1. I can’t build a team. 

Real estate teams are on the rise, and there are so many benefits to having a team structure that no wonder you want one! It’s pretty common, however, to think that you don’t have the ability to build a team — it’s a big undertaking. Whether it’s resources, qualifications, or knowledge where you feel like you’re falling short, we can tell you with confidence that it’s possible to build your dream team, and now is the time to start thinking that way. 

2. I can’t delegate. 

We hear this a lot. It’s tough to imagine sharing your responsibilities after you have worked so hard for so long to master them. Delegation can seem like a loss of power, or it can be intimidating to think of managing others, but it’s not that way, especially if you have a team set up for success. Delegation is the next step if you’re a business owner who wants to grow. In order to do that, you need others to help scale your efforts so that you can focus strictly on activities that promote growth. 

3. I’ll never make that much money. 

At WSS, we start a financial goal with some simple math: take your yearly earning and double it. That’s at least how much growth we know you’re capable. It’s about implementing the right systems and tools, and if you can do that, you can absolutely make that much money. Then if you believe you can build a team and delegate, you can make even more than double. 

If you’re interested in our systems and tools, download the DSH Tracker and improve your habits. It keeps you accountable and doing activities that directly result in appointments set and agreements signed. 

Don’t let these limiting beliefs hold you back, Workman Success Systems can help you turn them into goals. We help real estate teams succeed, and we know exactly how to tackle the logistics of building a high-producing team that doubles your income! 

What’s your next step?

Schedule a free business consultation and we’ll discuss your business goals in depth so you can feel confident and challenge your limiting beliefs.

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