Bopi Villarino

Certified Coach

Midway, UT

Raised in the picturesque La Costa Carlsbad, California, Bopi, has always been driven by a
passion for education and real estate. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal
Studies/Elementary Education from Point Loma Nazarene University, a testament to her
commitment to learning and personal growth.

As a dedicated mother to her beloved son Ross Villarino and cherished daughter-in-law Chelsea,
Bopi takes pride in her role as a family-oriented individual. She understands the importance of
balancing her professional pursuits with her deep-rooted connections to loved ones.

Bopi’s remarkable journey into the world of real estate commenced at the young age of 18
when she served as a real estate assistant to a top-producing agent. Her initial exposure to the
industry ignited a passion that would drive her career forward. Together with her then-husband,
they ventured into the financial sector, establishing a mortgage company and expanding into
the realms of real estate and escrow services.

After 15 years of unwavering dedication, they successfully sold their business to a prominent
nationwide brand. Bopi continued to soar in her career, assuming pivotal roles such as Vice
President of the Western Region for a division of Lending Tree and Managing Partner for a
substantial team in the bustling city of Los Angeles. Her versatile skill set encompasses positions
such as manager, director of sales, and team lead across various real estate companies,
spanning Southern California, Vail, Colorado, and Park City, Utah.

Driven by her passion for empowering others, Bopi became a certified real estate coach,
extending her expertise to business owners and agents throughout the nation. Her commitment
to mentorship and growth brings her immense joy.

Notably, Bopi recently took the courageous step of resigning from her role as the Utah Principal
State Broker, where she oversaw a thriving community of 600+ agents. Following her
entrepreneurial spirit, she founded Distinctive Properties, a real estate company nestled in the
scenic beauty of Heber City, Utah. In this capacity, she not only continues her real estate journey
but also dedicates herself to coaching and guiding business owners and agents, sharing her
wealth of experience and knowledge.

Embracing a daily practice of gratitude is at the heart of Bopi’s approach to life. She finds solace
and fulfillment in being in nature, and in various activities, including waterskiing,
skiing/snowboarding, hiking, SUPing, snowshoeing, and camping. However, nothing surpasses
the importance of family and close friends in her life.

Areas of Expertise:

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