David ‘Shep’ Shepherd

Certified Coach, Broker Owner

Saint Joseph, MI

Shep offers a breadth of knowledge from Real Estate and many other adventures in his life. Let’s talk about Real Estate and Growth.

Shep has been in real estate for a couple of times now, once as a young man in the 80’s and now again for the past eight years. After trying everything, he finally discovered he needed help. Shep has been in coaching for a couple of years now and enjoys it so much, that he had to share with others and become a coach.

Shep is a certified coach and his clients know that he’s there for them anytime between sessions. He loves sharing with clients what he’s learned and learning from them as well. Shep says “Serving others is part of who I am, I get excited when my clients learn and succeed in their business as much as I get excited about my successes.”

Areas of Expertise:

Communication, Marketing Strategy, Social Influence