Denise Klein

Senior Coach, Top Producer, Speaker/Trainer, Team Leader, Agent, Strategy & Growth

Las Vegas, NV

Denise inspires, educates, and empowers clients to create a business and personal vision and then adapt proven strategies in mindset, systems, and accountability to create results.

Denise Klein is a distinguished real estate leader, coach, facilitator & team leader who is dedicated to inspiring, educating, and empowering professionals throughout her remarkable four-decade career. Always at the forefront of industry innovation, Denise is recognized among the top 1% of agents in Las Vegas and the top 10% of International Icon agents within her brokerage. Thriving in diverse market conditions, she has helped thousands of broker owners, team leaders, and top producing professionals craft their own paths to success.

At the core of Denise’s coaching philosophy lie the fundamental principles of Mindset, Systems, and Accountability. She believes that a growth-oriented mindset is crucial for overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities. Denise equips real estate professionals with robust Workman Success Systems that streamline processes and ensure success and profits, setting a solid foundation for scaling any business. Moreover, her focus on accountability ensures that her clients not only set ambitious goals but also follow through to achieve them, fostering a culture of reliability and continuous improvement.

Through her partnership with Workman Success Systems over the past five years, Denise has effectively applied these principles to assist thousands of professionals—from broker owners to individual agents—in developing their vision, organizational excellence, and predictable profits. As our industry faces opportunities in this new era, her educational and mentoring efforts continue to inspire agents, teams, and business leaders to become the agents that thrive in their fields. Whether you’re aiming to start a new venture or to enhance an existing one, Denise’s strategic guidance grounded in mindset, systems, and accountability transforms potential into success. Join Denise Klein and redefine your professional journey in real estate.

Areas of Expertise:

Business Consultation, Communication, Content Creation, Learning Systems, Marketing Strategy, Sales, Scaling Growth, Social Influence, Team Building