Dominic Colosimo

Certified Coach

Madison, WI

Dom was born and raised in a suburb of Cleveland as a part of a very large Italian family. Dom attended Purdue University, where he graduated with a degree in business management, before eventually settling in Madison, Wisconsin.

After years spent in corporate America, Dom left the business world and broke into real estate, where he realized that no one in his area of Wisconsin was providing the level of service he felt the real estate industry deserved. With his ingrained business acumen and penchant for teaming up with other experts, Dom started a thriving team with the goal to bring his community the kind of real estate services it sorely needed. After combining his experience with that of his wife, Ellie, they succeeded in building a team unlike anything else in Madison.

Dom’s passionate about helping his real estate clients go beyond what they thought possible with their real estate goals. He has a particular passion for investing in real estate, as he began his career in real estate as an investor. As a coach, he specializes in helping real estate business scale, getting teams communicating effectively, and leveraging systems for explosive growth.

Areas of Expertise: