Workman Success Coaches

Emily Knowlton

Senior Coach, On-Boarding Coordinator

Emily is a Senior Coach and the Coach Onboarding Coordinator for Workman Success Systems. Her passion is teaching systematization and using the basics at a very high level for client success. She loves the intricacies of hiring, building teams and profitability, as well as money management strategies. She’s been involved in the WSS systems as a part of the Jim Knowlton Home Team, located in New Hampshire for over 6 years first as an Internet Sales Agent and then as a Sales Partner. Prior to her involvement in real estate, Emily was the Business Development Coordinator & Internet Sales Manager at a large car dealership that focused on high volume lead generation through pay per click advertising and high touch conversion strategies. She prefers using the ABC’s of lead generation, helping clients to keep a consistent pipeline.

Emily is the owner of The Balanced Brussel, a dinner meal service which utilizes a food truck as a kitchen. She holds a B.S. in Dietetics from The University of New Hampshire and loves putting two of her favorite things together: cooking and business!