Mark Scuderi

Certified Coach, Trainer, Broker Owner, Team Leader, Strategy & Growth

Phillipsburg, NJ

While working full-time as a police officer, Mark Scuderi obtained his New Jersey Real Estate license to make extra money for his family. And although part time, Mark was the top sales agent in the office his very first year in business!

A few years later, he purchased his first RE/MAX Franchise with the desire to build a successful Real Estate brokerage. He knew to accomplish such a large goal he had to become a great recruiter, trainer, mentor, and coach, and that he had to surround himself with the best possible people to grow his company and brand.

Fast forward 20 years, Mark is retired from Law Enforcement. He is the proud owner of three RE/MAX Real Estate Franchises, a founding franchisee with Motto Mortgage, and a Level 1 CrossFit Coach.

All those businesses require management, and the results prove that Mark is a natural-born leader. His favorite “job” is educating, inspiring, motivating, and supporting his team of dozens for similar success.

He enjoys training new Athletes to Challenge themselves and improve their overall health and fitness, which he considers to be a “Non-negotiable” on the path to success.

Mark recently obtained his Private Pilot License and is a Volunteer Firefighter in his hometown. ​

Areas of Expertise:

Business Consultation, Learning Systems, Sales, Scaling Growth, Team Building