Lindsay Doherty

Certified Coach, Team Leader, Trainer, Agent, Strategy & Growth

Castle Rock, CO

Lindsay makes it her mission to take your real estate business to the next level and creating a great work life balance.

Hi, my name is Lindsay Doherty and I am a girl mama and owner of Doherty Properties in Denver, CO. I was a Workman client before I became a coach, and the Workman Systems completely changed my business. I have now been a Workman Coach for going on 3 years and I have helped multiple clients scale their business to the next level and increase their pipeline while creating a great work-life balance. I am extremely passionate about teaching and encouraging my coaching clients to create long-standing relationships with their clients to create a sustainable lifelong business.

I am well versed in the Workman Success Systems and spend a lot of time with my clients putting their systems in place so they can focus on relationships and revenue-generating activities.

My relationships with my coaching clients are not just on our calls! We share life stories, successes, and all the times in between! I love the opportunity to be a Workman coach and the Workman family that I have created because of it!

Areas of Expertise:

Communication, Learning Systems, Marketing Strategy, Sales, Scaling Growth, Social Influence