Nicole Van Treese

Certified Coach, Broker Owner, Speaker/Trainer, Top Producer, Team Leader, Strategy & Growth

Orlando, FL

What sets me apart as a coach is my commitment to genuine listening. Rather than just waiting to respond, I focus on truly understanding your needs. With over two years of experience coaching clients at Workman Success Systems, coupled with a decade-plus history as a client myself, I bring a unique perspective to guiding you toward solutions.

My coaching journey spans from assisting individual agents in boosting their revenue and achieving personal goals, to aiding top agents in building and expanding their teams. I prioritize fostering a healthy work-life balance while supporting you in realizing your dreams.

Drawing from my firsthand experience as a broker owner and team leader in real estate, I offer practical insights from the trenches. Additionally, I leverage over 15 years of coaching expertise gained from my previous corporate career. My approach is characterized by patience, clarity, and adeptness in navigating the tools necessary for success.

I don’t just stop at identifying solutions—I guide you through execution to ensure desired outcomes. Moreover, I firmly believe that ongoing coaching is essential for sustaining and reaching new heights of achievement.

Witnessing your personal, professional, and financial success brings me immense joy. As your coach, my ultimate satisfaction lies in helping you thrive.

Areas of Expertise:

Business Consultation, Communication, Learning Systems, Marketing Strategy, Sales, Scaling Growth, Team Building