Ray Otten

Senior Coach, Broker Owner, Top Producer, Team Leader

Ottawa, Canada

Making each day the “Best Day Ever” and leading by example are my affirmations!

I have been a licensed Realtor since 1989 and a Broker since 1995, successfully leading profitable large and small teams while maintaining an excellent quality of living and family life. As President of my local 3000-member Board, in the late 1990’s I elevated the civility and professionalism within our industry, knowing that how we treat each other is paramount to our collective success and perceptions of our industry with the public, our bread and butter.

I have been coaching agents and brokers since 2008, guiding them on how to develop and build their teams and implement systems that will leverage business growth. In my first year with Workman Success Systems in 2021, I saw 7 of my 11 coaching clients double their income and change their business trajectories. My own earlier professional year-over-year successes with RE/MAX have given me the learned skills to help my clients run large teams and work towards the Diamond Club Award and Circle of Legend Awards.

Helping clients grow their net worth toward financial freedom and coaching them on the management skills and techniques that will shape their teams and elevate the professionalism and careers of their staff, have been my greatest accomplishments as a coach.

Areas of Expertise:

Business Consultation, Communication, Learning Systems, Marketing Strategy, Sales, Scaling Growth, Team Building