Verl Workman

Verl Workman

WSS CEO, Master Coach, Business Consultant

Salt Lake City, UT

Verl makes it his personal mission to develop amazing coaches. It takes thorough vetting and intense training. But it all starts with being a master coach himself, who leads by example.

Verl brings deep real-estate, leadership and coaching experience to every business relationship. His coaching clients represent the elite agents, teams and brokers in the world. But they didn’t necessarily start out that way. By identifying the “why” behind each goal, he is able to help his clients achieve greatness.

Verl is also an accomplished speaker and presenter—one of just a handful of presenters to earn the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association. His experience and expertise in all aspects of sales, marketing, promotion, management and technology have enlightened and empowered thousands of professionals to expand their knowledge and achieve their goals.

Verl’s contagious style and sales and management mastery make him not just an ideal coach, but the consummate coach’s coach.

Verl’s credentials and accomplishments include:

  • Founder & CEO of Workman Success Systems
  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from NSA
  • President of RIS Media’s Top 5 in Real Estate Network
  • Co-founder of Pinnacle Quest Consulting and Verl Workman Seminars
  • Co-founder of Automation Quest (acquired by Homes.com in 1999)
  • DISC Training Certified
  • Successful, active real estate agent & business owner

Areas of Expertise

Business Consultation, Communication, Learning Systems, Scaling Growth