Vilija Garbonkus

Certified Coach

Lemont, IL

Vilija Garbonkus is a certified real estate broker owner and team leader coach with profound expertise spanning commercial, investment, and residential real estate. Licensed since 2007 and deeply rooted in a family of real estate developers, Vilija has become a distinguished figure in the industry. Her specialties include property marketing, sales, and investment consulting. She has a notable track record of collaborating on innovative construction projects and property remediation, leveraging these experiences to guide her extensive coaching endeavors.

As a Workman Success Systems Certified Coach since 2022, Vilija excels in team building and agent development, emphasizing a strategic approach that aligns with the personal strengths and business goals of her clients. Her coaching philosophy focuses on crafting personalized strategic plans that enable real estate professionals to thrive by design, not default. This philosophy has led to significant successes, such as a Texas broker owner achieving a 35% increase in Gross Commission Income and an East Coast Franchise Team Leader seeing a 325% increase in production under her guidance. Collectively, her coachees have managed over 178 transactions, generating more than $50 million in sales volume and exceeding $1.1 million in gross commission income.

Vilija is a staunch advocate for transparency and integrity, values that she believes are the bedrock of successful business relationships. She is committed to enhancing digital competence, promoting sustainable practices, and fostering diversity within the industry. Her vision includes leading initiatives that expand investment portfolios and implement cutting-edge marketing tools, thereby setting new standards for the real estate market.

An active member of the Chicago Association of Realtors, Illinois Realtor, and National Association of Realtors, Vilija also enjoys an adventurous personal life as part of the Lithuanian Scouts and Boy Scouts of America. Her passions include hiking, sailing, and swimming with sharks, embodying the dynamic and spirited nature that she brings to her professional endeavors.

Areas of Expertise:

Business Consultation, Communication, Learning Systems, Sales, Team Building