Yamel Ramirez Maynard

Senior Coach

Burbank, CA

A Realtor since 2002, I have worked my way up from being an Independent Commercial/Residential Realtor & Property manager to Broker Associate & Team Leader of Keller Williams World Media Center.

As a Realtor since 2002, I have held a variety of significant positions within the real estate field, showcasing extensive experience and expertise. Currently, I am a Broker Associate at Frontgate Real Estate, a luxury boutique firm, serving all of Los Angeles County which is the future of real estate, having streamlined, tech-savvy, and personalized experience for Buyers and Sellers. Together we are ranked #4 in Los Angeles, #20 in California, and #50 in the USA. I attribute Workman Success Systems, both as a client and coach, for helping me achieve this milestone in my career.

My journey in the real estate industry began as a Commercial/Residential Real Estate Agent and Property Manager in 2002. During this period, I was involved in the representation of property owners to Purchase and Sell Residential properties, Tenant and Landlord representation of leases, and property management.

In the subsequent decade starting in 2012, I transitioned into Residential Real Estate Estate as Realtor with Keller Williams Realty in which I spent some of my time helping to launch other Realtor’s careers as a new licensee trainer & recruiter. This phase of your career involved guiding and mentoring new licensees, sharing your insights and knowledge to shape the next generation of real estate professionals, all while helping clients Purchase and Sell Residential properties.

In 2017 I was promoted to Team Leader/Sales Manager at Keller Williams Realty World Media Center, further showcasing my leadership skills and ability to manage and inspire a team of over 250 agents. This position allowed me to contribute to the growth and success of your team while honing your expertise in sales management.

Notably, since 2015, you have been running a real estate team alongside your business partner and husband, Rob Maynard. This partnership reflects your commitment to collaboration, effective teamwork, and shared goals. Over the years, I’ve demonstrated your ability to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions while maintaining a focus on excellence and client satisfaction.

My Real Estate journey encompasses a diverse range of roles, from agent and manager to leader and trainer. My proficiency in various aspects of the real estate field, along with my dedication to continuous improvement and growth, makes me a standout professional in the industry. My ability to adapt and excel in different roles is a testament to your versatility and expertise.

Areas of Expertise:

Business Consultation, Communication, Scaling Growth, Team Building

We are absolutely thrilled with our decision to enter into a coaching relationship with WSS. We were well-matched as a husband-wife team with a coach who works with her husband! Our coach has just the right combination of accountability, empathy, and guidance. We are amazed at the resources WSS has offered us, beyond what we expected. We look forward to being not just better realtors, but better leaders and people.


Julie Barr

I recently finished RAMP and can’t rave enough about the program. Tammie Slay, Cleve Gaddis, and Yamel Ramirez Maynard helped us all explore proven tactics and understand why they work, all while generously doling out valuable tips and tricks from their experience. If you follow along weekly and continuously buy into the program by doing what is asked of you, you will have much more structure and success in your business for the long term. Thanks for the career boost!


Danny Bolton