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Anybody can learn what to do.

The key is how well you implement what you learn. That’s where real estate coaching comes in. Administered by flat-out rock stars in the field, our coaching is customized for your particular needs and includes access to all the tools in our training center. You’ll not only get one-on-one coaching in how to excel but with regular follow-ups and mentoring sessions, you’ll have the accountability that makes all the difference. We’ll make sure you’re doing things correctly, and achieve your goals. The results we see are nothing short of astounding. If you’re ready, buckle up and let’s go!

Real Estate Coaching Designed
Specifically For You

Individual Agents

This coaching is designed for both new real estate agents and those earning a $250K income. With the right systems and processes–our systems and processes–you can take your business to the next level, and beyond. The AgentTrack option will help you determine if and when you need an assistant, build and develop your database, identify true money-making activities, and automate your processes so you can be more productive and profitable.

Team Leaders

Designed for agents with a team–or, who already have a team but need more structure. This program coaches the entire team, not just the team leader, and teaches you how to create a winning culture with core values and a strong work ethic. If you need processes, forms and agreements, lead generation, CRM strategy, or any other critical insight to take your team from ordinary to extraordinary, this program is for you.


Designed for brokers/owners who manage offices or real-estate businesses. Workman Success Systems coaches have extensive experience at this level to guide you in your business. With a special focus on office and team growth, we work with you on the 4R’s of running a successful office (Recruit, Ramp, Reward, and Retain) and help you develop operational excellence, superior hiring processes, enhanced agent productivity, and fair compensation programs that allow your company and your agents to thrive.


Designed for those who qualify and want to consult with Verl Workman personally and subject to limited availability. Most CEOTrack clients go through other Workman Success Systems programs prior to working exclusively with Verl to ensure their foundations are strong, their systems are in place, and their goals are both well-defined and obtainable. Verl will help you become a better visionary and example, and show you how to lead your employees into being more engaged and successful.

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Most of our coaches continue to run their own off-the-charts-successful real estate businesses across the country. They’re hand-picked, the best of the best. They were once where you are, so they know exactly how to take you to the next level.