Delegation Do’s and Don’ts: Building Your Workflow

As the leader of a real estate team, you’ll eventually have to identify what responsibilities are yours and not yours. Believe it or not, saying no to certain tasks and activities is a massive part of leadership and lends itself, oddly enough, to a “can do” attitude in your leadership. When you know what tasks to delegate, you can excel at what you do best! So what do you do when you decide you can’t take on the whole world alone? You delegate!

Delegation is a skill. It can be done well and…not so well. Once you understand that delegation belongs in a team dynamic, it becomes a natural, friendly necessity. When done the right way, delegation will uplift everyone on the team.  

Delegation “Do’s”

Understand Your Team Members’ Strengths. As a team leader, you want to delegate your weaknesses and play to your team members’ strengths. If someone on your team has expertise that you don’t have, it makes sense for everyone if you outsource those specific tasks to them. 

Lead by example. Practice what you preach. If you embody the ideals and values that you want your team members to have, they are way more likely to embody them as well. Inspire your team to do tasks rather than forcing them. 

Let your team members own their tasks. It’s important that your real estate team members have a sense of independence in their responsibilities. This independence helps them see that their individual effort is crucial to the bigger picture. 

Measure success and celebrate. A productive work environment is one that has metrics for measuring successes. The easier it is to recognize a win, the easier it is to celebrate it. One of the best ways to measure success in real estate activities is to use the Daily Success Habits Tracker. It assigns a point value to everyday tasks so everyone on the team can personally recognize how successful each day has been. 

Delegation “Don’ts” 

Don’t use delegation as an excuse to be bossy. Delegation is not the same thing as telling someone what to do. This is one of the key differences between leadership and management. Use courtesies and be respectful while guiding your team to do their part. 

Don’t leave your real estate team guessing. When you assign tasks to your team, having clear instructions and objectives benefits both parties. Your team will know exactly what is expected of them, and you’ll have the comfort of knowing you did your best to set them up for success.

Don’t create imbalance. Delegation is meant to strengthen your team and improve productivity. In order to create a fair work environment, think about the workload for each individual and compare it to your own. Understand when you should keep tasks for yourself so that everyone drives the team effort equally. 

To learn more about how to effectively delegate to your real estate team, schedule a free consultation with one of our professional business analysts.

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