Do you Think Your Team Culture Mattered Before? It Definitely Does Now!

Do you Think Your Team Culture Mattered Before? It Definitely Does Now!

By Brooke Sines


Whoa—we have been through a whirlwind over the past few months, haven’t we? If your real estate team culture was rocky before, where is it now? I am amazed at how our team has been able to not only sustain our team culture during this time, but rather, grow it. Obviously, holding all our team meetings virtually has had its challenges. However, we have been able to really embrace the virtual lifestyle.


Instead of doing daily conference calls with the team, we have been doing them via Zoom. Where oh where would we be without Zoom? I have found that starting our day off with a Zoom call together allows us to see each other and the whites of each other’s eyes. There have been a lot of emotions throughout our country during the last few months and tough times to wrap our minds around. I am so thankful that we have been able to ensure we are all doing okay in “seeing” each other each day.


On these calls, we have had some tears, but lots of laughs.


We discuss what tasks we are each focusing on for the day, share a motivational quote/message, share new listings coming up, discuss buyer needs, and even have some fun with it too. We have talked about our favorite shows we have binge-watched (thank you for the new season of Ozarks!), our first car, favorite celebrity, our first job, our favorite store, and have shared so much with one another to grow our relationships on these calls.


How has your team culture been over these past few months? Now is the time to be there for your team, your agents within the brokerage, your co-workers, and more.


We are all yearning for normalcy and safety during the unknown. As the country begins to slowly re-open, I encourage you to have a genuine conversation with your team members.


How are they? How are their families—both immediate and extended? Drop them a notecard after your conversation to tell them how much you care too. This is truly the time a team grows or falters. Which way do you want to lean?


Brooke Sines is a Workman Success Systems Coach and full-time REALTOR® with RE/MAX in West Michigan and Charlotte, N.C. running Grand Allure Home Group, who has been in the business of working with people all her life. She is a mom, wife, real estate coach, team leader and broker. Contact her at For more information, please visit

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