Does Your Team Have Secret Agents?

When someone works off of commission, it seems only logical that they should be telling people what they do for a living so that they can earn more business and make more money.

However, many agents do not want to feel like they are pushing friends or family to buy something. Here are a few simple things that can help the agents on your team remind the people in their lives—or at the events they go to or in their sphere of influence—that they are in the real estate industry and ready to help them.

A Name Tag
This seems simple, but it works. Even when people know the agent, they might forget what they do, so if your agent goes to a kids’ soccer game or a school PTA meeting, have them wear a name tag to remind people who they are and what they do.

A Branded Shirt
If you can’t bring yourself to wear a name tag, how about a branded shirt with the REALTOR® logo, or your broker’s logo (if it’s widely recognizable)? It doesn’t have to be fancy. A T-shirt at the gym that says “I’m a REALTOR®” works really well.

Car Magnets or Vehicle Wrap
If you do this, make sure your contact information is large enough to be quickly seen and remembered.

Personalized Accessories
Any accessory you can think of can probably be personalized—your phone case, your laptop, your gym bag, your tennis shoes, your umbrella, your coffee cup, your water bottle, your key chain, etc. All of these create an opportunity to have a conversation with another person.

Creating the opportunity is half the battle, though; the other half is having something meaningful to say when someone asks you, so be ready with a quick comment on the area, the market, the house you’ve listed, what it is you do or whatever is appropriate.

Don’t be a secret agent. Be proud to be informed, educated and ready for every opportunity that comes your way.

With almost 25 years in corporate training and support, Tamera Phallan has been helping agents grow their business in the financial services and real estate markets locally and nationally. Educational accomplishments include a BBA and an MBA in Marketing from LeTourneau University in Texas, and industry designations include ABR, GRI and TRLP. Recently, Phallan joined Workman Success Systems as a Coach in Training. For more information, please

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