Elevate Your Giving

Elevate Your Giving

By Jim Knowlton


One of the biggest challenges in real estate coaching is getting client engagement.


When agents struggle, their first request is for a tougher coach with a higher level of accountability; however, no coach, no matter how strong, can make anyone do anything they don’t want to do.


To help inspire clients to push harder, we often shift our accountability focus from money to a “big why.” A “big why” is something in your life that will engage you to take action when you don’t want to. Some of my favorites over the years include helping sick family members in other countries get to the U.S. for treatment not available in their home country, helping children go to college debt-free through a 529 plan, retiring well before 65, and paying off old debt.


One of the most powerful big whys is supporting programs you believe in and giving to charities. Elevating your giving can be a strong motivator to change your daily money-making habits and increase your success in your business.

Start by using a strategic plan, or Agile. Identify the amount you want to give first in the short term (in one, three and six months) and then in the long term (in one, three and five years). Build a “bucket” and put the amount of money needed to meet each timed goal into the account with each closing check (use your business plan or income goal spreadsheet for projected closing numbers). Starting with a small number (such as $50 per month) and growing to a larger number (maybe $2,000 a year) can help you establish a habit that gives you motivation and joy as you save and give.


Many of our coaching clients have set and exceeded large charitable goals that drive their team’s core values and daily money-making activities. Use your giving as part of your recruiting or sales value proposition to set yourself apart from others. No matter what this changes in your business—or how—there’s no downside to setting and elevating your giving.


Nearly three decades of real estate experience—including 15 years of coaching with Verl Workman—have made Jim Knowlton one of the top agents in the country and one of the most popular coaches on the Workman Success Systems team. In addition to serving as director of Coaching for Workman Success Systems, Knowlton also owned and managed several real estate franchises, earned numerous awards for his performance, and continues to lead a Keller Williams Mega Agent team in New Hampshire today. Contact him at Jim@WorkmanSuccessSystems.com. For more information, please visit www.WorkmanSuccess.com.

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