Evaluating Your Work-Life Balance (Quiz)

Is it possible to achieve work-life balance in real estate? Definitely! This five-minute quiz can reveal where you dedicate most of your time and energy between work and other areas of your life. See where your scale tips! 


Achieving work-life balance has always been a challenge for the workforce in general, but finding work-life balance in real estate can be a particular challenge. As a real estate agent, it’s likely that you are your own boss and you manage your own schedule, which can make time management more challenging. Plus, time management becomes even more difficult for those who do business reactively instead of proactively. Without quality resources for time blocking and productivity tools, many agents find their work spilling over into their personal life, like needing to show properties on nights and weekends, or taking urgent phone calls during time with family.  


Sadly, when we feel busy, it can take years to identify the imbalances, let alone implement strategies to improve them. This quiz was designed to help real estate agents quickly and easily diagnose areas of their life that might be out of balance. It is by no means comprehensive, but does provide a valuable place to start in determining where your priorities should be in rebalancing your life and work.


Work-Life Balance Checkup

Scores for odd-numbered questions:
A = 1, B = 4, C = 8, D = 12

Scores for even-numbered questions:
A = 12, B = 8, C = 4, D = 1

Add all scores together and divide by the total number of questions you answered.

Scores will be calculated for you upon clicking Submit.

1. How much do you work a week?

2. How often do you work weekends and holidays?

3. Are you satisfied with your work life?

4. How often are you distracted by "home things" at work?

5. How productive do you feel at work?

6. How much sleep do you usually get each night?

7. How well do you usually sleep?

8. Do you spend the kind of time you want to with your children?

9. How much time do you devote alone to childcare every day?

10. Do you spend the kind of time you want to with your spouse/partner?

11. How much time a week do you spend on other family obligations?

12. Are you satisfied with your home/family life?

13. How much personal free time do you have a day?

14. Do you spend the kind of time you want to with your friends?

15. How much time a week do you spend on hobbies?

16. How often are you distracted by "work things" at home?

17. Do you have an enjoyable daily routine?

18. How much stress does work cause you?

19. How often do you wish you had "more time"?

20. Are you eating as healthy as you would like to?


Was this illuminating? Hopefully you’ve been able to gain a little clarity about your life. Pay attention to individual questions even if your overall score feels satisfactory. There’s always room to improve your life or rethink your priorities!

And if you’re walking away with the realization that your real estate business probably needs some major changes, it might be time to consider coaching. The right coach can help you rebalance your life by showing you strategies for building a smarter, more efficient business. Click here to learn more.