Expanding Your Team: Full-Time vs. Part-Time Agents

Expanding Your Team: Full-Time vs. Part-Time Agents

By Tamera Phallan


As a team leader, it can sometimes feel like a logical choice to add a part-time agent to your team. Maybe you’re concerned with supporting that agent with leads. Maybe they’re coming from another industry. Maybe they’ve never worked on commission before and want to move slowly.


All of these things could make this idea seem like a solid leadership move—but let’s take a closer look.


Supporting the Agent With Leads. Okay, this one is easy. The Workman Way is to examine the leads you have coming into your team monthly. You need 25 leads per month to support one buyer agent. If you have 50 leads, you need two buyer agents, etc. This one is simple arithmetic.


Coming From Another Industry. Sometimes this is a valid situation; however, because it’s overwhelming enough to deal with real estate regulations and rules, it’s crazy to assume that someone could be credibly keeping up with more than one industry and sustain that for long. So, my suggestion here is to look for people ready to make the leap. If one must dip their toe in the proverbial water, then let’s begin that process with a timeline for the transition (i.e., “If you aren’t ready to fully transition in four months, then maybe this isn’t the right time to make this move.”).


Never Worked on Commission Before. This one is a bit more difficult. The money challenge is a big one. It can be hard for someone to save up enough when moving from one career to another before making a move. Make a plan for this person, and stick to it. If they need to be part-time, bring them in under a more senior agent willing to mentor and split sales with them to begin the process. That way, your senior agent gets some help, and your new agent sees the reality of this dynamic career.


Part-time agents have their focus diverted, and that can really create some scenarios that could damage your reputation in your community if not closely managed. Can you afford to risk that?


Track your leads, do the math and know when you are ready to support a new buyer agent. Also, protect your team’s reputation for being knowledgeable, and be ready to help their clients by making sure you are setting those agents up for success with a transition plan and support in place to help get them get up and running.


With almost 25 years in corporate training and support, Tamera Phallan has been helping agents grow their business in the financial services and real estate markets locally and nationally. Educational accomplishments include a BBA and an MBA in Marketing from LeTourneau University in Texas, and industry designations include ABR, GRI and TRLP. Recently, Phallan joined Workman Success Systems as a Coach in Training. For more information, please visit www.workmansuccesssystems.com.

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