Finish Strong

Finish Strong

By Verl Workman

Coming out of the busy selling season stringing three or four good months together is okay for many; however, coaching clients of Workman Success are taught to start strong and finish stronger than they start. As we move into the final few months of the year, it’s easy to take our foot off the gas and coast through the next few holidays, gearing up again in January to begin 2020 and do it again.


Top income earners don’t believe in seasons, nor do they believe that people stop buying and selling houses in the fall and winter months. They know that to continue to grow every year, they have to be willing to do the things average agents and brokers aren’t willing to do. Here are five critical activities that, when followed, will help you grow marketshare while others are waiting for business to come to them later.


1. Build your 2020 business plan and execute. Don’t wait until January to build your plan. If you focus on January business today—create your four pillars of income—and build each pillar as if it’s the only thing you’ll do—you’ll find that your business will grow, and maybe even double, in 2020 regardless of the shifting market.


2. Increase your touches. Stop buying leads and focusing all of your efforts and available resources on strangers. By collecting sales data from tens of thousands of transactions in North America, we know that the lowest cost lead and the most pleasant transactions come from your database. By setting a schedule to work your SOI and calling through your database regularly, you’ll find that if people hear from you, they’ll think of you when real estate comes up.


3. Schedule events. One of the best ways to increase your touches with past clients, friends and people you want to do more business with is to always be building for the next event. Elite producers are integral parts of the communities they serve. Halloween events, pie day, photos with Santa, backyard BBQs, movie nights, etc., are all great ways to increase your touches without sales messaging. We suggest a minimum of four events per year and as many as 12 as you get your team in place to execute. Events drive revenue.


4. Message to the market. As the market shifts from a seller’s market to a balanced market to a buyer’s market, make sure you know how to explain what that means to each person in the transaction. Educate your clients with data, examples and stories that back up the market data so that they’re the most informed person in the transaction.


5. Follow up. Nobody wants to be “sold,” but people will choose the agent who follows up when they say they will and provides value during the incubation period. Set up your follow-up system and automate it so people don’t fall through the cracks. Persist until you succeed.


If you’d like a copy of our WSS business plan template, I’m happy to share it. Please email me directly at


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