How to Give Back

One of the best things about working in real estate is the ability to grow. Individual agents can build their own teams, small brokerages can expand, and agents and brokers/owners alike can increase their income to whatever level they are willing to work toward. As long as you focus on the right things, you can continue to move upward, and the possibilities for your progression are nearly limitless.

But the growth that’s available in this industry isn’t limited to just professional and financial advancement. By choosing a life and business that focuses on service, real estate professionals set themselves up for enormous personal growth. They have to turn inward to learn how to discipline themselves and establish productive daily habits. But they also have to turn outward to learn how to serve not just their clients but everyone around them. That level of service requires listening, helping, and willingly putting others’ needs first.

When an agent learns how to turn that inner focus outward, that’s when they go from being good to truly exceptional. Cultivating an attitude of “service regardless of opportunity” makes them feel more happy and fulfilled, which opens the door for even more future growth — professionally, financially, and personally.

That pivotal shift in mindset is your key to continued growth. And it all comes down to your “big why” — your motivating factor for being in real estate. When you have a true, powerful “why” to hold on to, it shapes your experiences and informs everything you do. Everyone’s “big why” is different, but we’ve found that the most significant and compelling ones have to do with making a difference in someone else’s life.

Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Helping others is its own kind of reward. It fills your life with meaning and inspires you to push forward to increase your capacity to serve. And when you make an effort to put more good into the world, that will inevitably circle back to you.

As a real estate professional, you’re a pillar in your community with the power to leave a lasting, positive impact on the people around you. We encourage you to develop a spirit of generosity and think of ways to give back. Ask yourself, “What kind of legacy will I leave? After I receive, how can I give?” Make giving part of your life and your financial plan. You could donate regularly to a local charity, sponsor a humanitarian cause, or volunteer with an organization whose mission you strongly support. Put your dollars and deeds behind a cause you believe in, and see what a difference you can make!

How to Get Involved

Here are some ideas for you to get involved in meaningful causes in your community. To read stories about how other real estate professionals have chosen to give back, visit

  • Volunteer with Meals on Wheels.
  • Participate in charity runs.
  • Help out at your local animal shelter. 
  • Coach a youth sports team.
  • Mentor a teen who wants to go into real estate (see iCouldBe).
  • Hold a donation drive for food or other needed supplies.
  • Organize a community clean-up event.
  • Volunteer at a hospital.
  • Cook or serve meals for those in need at a shelter or kitchen.
  • Work with Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) to combat human sex trafficking.
  • Offer your skills on a virtual project with Catchafire.

Opportunities in Your Area

To find out what opportunities there are in your area, check out the following sites:

We at Workman Success are proud to associate with incredible real estate professionals from all around the US and Canada. We are inspired by their example, and we love sharing their stories. And we know there are many more stories to tell!

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