How to Hire, Onboard, and Retain Rockstar Real Estate Talent

The days of the solo agent doing it all are gone, and more and more real estate companies are moving to a team model. Creating a culture of productivity and building a team around your core values will help you recruit and retain superior talent. When you onboard correctly and offer the right tools and training, you will undoubtedly keep them around for the long-term. With a 30-60-90-day onboarding process, you can help your hires find success in their roles with painless and effective training.

Succeed at a High Level

The team dynamic leverages each team member’s role to create a higher level of success for the whole team. This allows team leaders and team members to have a better work-life balance while offering exceptional service to clients. To achieve this level of success, however, you must look at the process of hiring and training to give your agents the opportunity to become rock stars right from the start. What benchmarks do you need to hit in order to get your new hires to master their roles? 

Hiring Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Having a hiring and onboarding system in place is a fantastic way to help you hire the right talent. Most team leaders think that hiring is intimidating and stressful. Frankly, it is difficult to facilitate several interviews, choose the right candidates, and then onboard them until they are proficient on their own; it takes a lot of time and energy. Having a system can take the stress out of hiring because the training and expectations are laid out in an easy-to-understand way and requires less effort for you to help them succeed. 

It All Starts with Your Culture

When a candidate or new hire begins the hiring and onboarding process, you want the transition to be as smooth and comfortable as possible. This is where culture comes in. Everybody has a culture that is accidentally or intentionally created. Being on the forefront of your organization’s culture will really help you to intentionally create unspoken expectations. Creating this “intentional culture” helps to increase productivity, understanding, and communication and encourages your new hire to stay for the long-term. 

But what is culture? Culture is the foundation of your team. It helps to build trust by laying out the expectations and the attitude of the office. Culture can be an unspoken vibe or it can be a set of written core values that help keep the team and the team leader accountable. Culture also represents to your clients that your team operates under a set of values in order to provide exceptional service.  

Keeping Agents for the Long-Term

Agents are known to always be looking for the better opportunity. The main way that you keep them around is, you guessed it, culture, but also the systems, tools, and training that you provide for them that they can’t get anywhere else. Unfortunately you can’t keep them with only your smile and personality. You will have to put a little effort into creating an effective team that will dominate your market. 

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About the Author: 

Aiden is a professional writer, editor, and content creator for Workman Success Systems. After copyediting for the Daily Chronicle newspaper and the University of Utah Press, she graduated with a B.A. in English. Since graduating, she has focused on creating engaging content for the real estate industry and is now the managing editor for Workman Success Systems.