How Agents Make Daily Profit with the DSH Tracker

For real estate agents, it’s difficult to measure a successful day versus an unsuccessful one. It’s not always clear whether a full day of work will amount to any real profit. After all, you’re your own boss; you don’t clock in. Your success is based on the activities you choose to fill your schedule with. How can you ensure that you’re pushing the needle forward on a daily basis? How can you create consistent income even though it’s not every day that somebody hands you a commission check?  

In order to measure a profitable day, you need to know which activities will maximize the dollar value of your time. Then, you’d have to fill your time with those proven dollar-productive activities. 

At Workman Success Systems, we’ve created a tool that helps you focus on dollar-productive activities with the additional benefit of accountability and time tracking. Agents who use the Daily Success Habits (DSH) Tracker have a provable way to measure the success of their day based on the number of dollar-productive activities they complete. 

“The secret to your future is hidden in your daily routine.”

Mike Murdock

61 Points of Rhythm  

The DSH Tracker helps agents maintain a commitment to the activities that generate the most business through a simple point system. Earn 61 points each day, and that’s how you’ll know whether you’ve put your time to good use. 

Each dollar-productive activity is worth a certain number of points on the tracker. As long as you are completing tasks on this list, you’re making progress and actively increasing your profitability: 

  • Calls — 1 pt
  • Emails/texts — 1 pt
  • Handwritten notes — 2 pts
  • 2 homes, 1 client — 10 pts
  • Buyer/listing appointment — 10 pts
  • Buyer/listing agreement — 10 pts
  • Offer written —10 pts
  • Closing — 15 pts
  • Open house — 10 pts
  • Door knocking — 1 pt
  • Role play script — 10 pts

Accountability = Profit 

The DSH tracker includes a designated space for tracking your time throughout the day in thirty-minute intervals. The more aware you become about how you are actually using your time, the more efficient you can be. The tracker is not a scheduler, it’s a trackable record of the actual activities you’ve completed. Once a thirty minute-interval has passed, stop and write down what you’ve done. You’ll be amazed at how this simple action can make all the difference! 

This level of accountability to the tasks outlined in the tracker allows you to achieve provable, optimal results every single day. This tracker demonstrates the power of, “inspecting what you expect.” In other words, you are more likely to complete the things you inspect, and less likely to complete things you simply expect to get done without a second thought. 

The DSH Tracker guarantees stability and even growth by offering you an easy way to create consistent accountability to the most profitable tasks in the business. Say goodbye to the peaks and valleys of real estate, and start making a steady income. 

Learning How to Effectively Use Your New DSH Tracker 

Workman Success Systems’ real estate coaching clients work with their coach to evaluate their trackers and generate the most profit out of their Daily Success Habits. Many agents experience massive growth in their business after implementing the DSH Tracker while their coach provides guidance on how to maintain and manage that growth. For more information regarding the DSH Tracker or to learn more about our coaching options, schedule a free consultation with our business analysts to discuss how to increase profitability in your business.