How to Build the Best Team Ever

How to Build the Best Team Ever

By Julie Timms


So, you want to put together a team of fabulous people, but you just don’t know where to start? There are a lot of sales associates out there, as well as administrative folks, to invite onto your team, but you must choose wisely. Who do you want to be associated with you? Who can you trust, rely upon and work with in order for your team to be successful?


Don’t make the mistake of just hiring someone who says they will work with you. Choose wisely, or you could wind up with a real mess on your hands. You want solid team members and ideal team players—not paid enemies.

The first place to start is with you. Create in your mind’s eye what you want the team to look like, and identify the qualities and personality traits of who you would enjoy working with.


The next step is to put into writing your core values and the vision you have for your business. Core values are the “why” of your business and are extremely important in forming a team. Core values are the basis of how you conduct your business, as well as how you live your life. There are plenty of examples of core values out there from successful teams, as well as plenty of ideas across the internet to help you in writing down your own core values. Just make sure they are your own and that you will live up to them.


Once you have written your core values and business goals, you must decide on the positions you need to fill on your team. You also must decide how fast you want to grow and how many people you want to have on your team.

Do you want a buyer’s agent to handle the buyers so you can focus on listings? Do you want a showing agent who can be the property tour guide while you maintain the negotiating position? Do you want a listing partner? Do you want an assistant who can do all your paperwork? A listing coordinator who will follow up on all showings, go open properties, take care of advertising? Do you want a courier to run all those errands? Your choice—it’s your team.


Now that you have your core values and have the vision of your dream team, start the process of recruiting. Now is the time to put out that casting call that allows you to find those future team members by attracting the people you want to attract.


The biggest hiring mistake that people make is hiring people without thoroughly interviewing them and making sure they fit the description of who they really want. They hire because they like them or know them, not because the candidate has been thoroughly vetted to make sure they have the work ethic and core values that are needed for the team.


Picture yourself as if you were doing a casting call for a movie about a miraculous sports team. You would not go out to hire just anyone, would you? You would be looking for specific individuals with the look and talent the team requires. The same goes for your team casting call. Write your ads and form your scripts and conversations to target people who will adhere to your core values, excel in their duties and be part of the team’s mission, rather than just show up to collect a paycheck.


Now, where do you find these people? One resource is through people you have worked with in the past. Think back to all the transactions you have participated in. Who did you enjoy working with? Who was so difficult that you hoped to never have to work with them again? Who made the transaction smooth and who created drama?


Next is your sphere of influence. Put it out to everyone you know that you are looking to hire great people. Share with them your core values, your goals and the description of the ideal team member. Another resource is to place ads in various locations. There are a number of job portals out there. You can also reach out on social media and in your newsletter to get the word out.


It is imperative that you take your time to find the right people. Put together a plan for recruiting just as you would a plan for a geographic farm. Great people are loyal and may not be willing to move right now, but if you keep the door open and let them know that you are interested in helping them succeed, they will come to you when the time is right for them to make a move.


Great teams are intentionally created by the team leader. They work well together, adhere to the same set of core values and succeed in achieving the goals of the entire team. Your dream team is within your reach—make it happen.


Julie Timms, broker/owner of Hilton Head Island Real Estate Brokers and coach with Workman Success Systems, began her real estate career in 1979. In 1985, she opened a real estate franchise and operated that company in a traditional manner, until she realized the franchise model wasn’t working for her and disbanded the firm. It was at this time she met her now-husband Bernie Timms, and together, they started an independent brokerage with no agents. In 2008, they invested in an internet lead-generation website.


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