How to Get Clients as a Real Estate Agent

How to get clients as a real estate agent

Whether you’re brand new to the game or a seasoned real estate agent, occasionally, you may reach a slow period of business and wonder how to earn more clients and increase your conversion rate with leads. The key to getting clients is using effective systems that keep you consistent in your client outreach. Here are the top three tools you should be using to create better systems and get more clients in real estate: 

Convert More Leads as a Real Estate Agent: The ABCs Lead Management

The most important aspect of building your client base is managing and converting leads. Whether most of your leads come through the internet, referrals, door-knocking, open houses, or any other source, you have to categorize those leads to know what support they need in becoming a client. “The ABCs of Lead Management” is the perfect system for categorizing leads. It helps you know how and when to follow up, leading to higher conversion rates.

The first category is the “A” leads. These leads are ready to buy or sell, and they already have an appointment set with you. There’s no need to have a schedule to reach out to this type of lead because you will communicate with them at your appointment. 

A “B” lead is someone who doesn’t have an appointment set but they are ready to buy or sell in the next 30-90 days. Because these leads are ready to buy or sell in the near future, you should reach out to these leads twice a month to check their status and offer services or resources that could be of value to them until they are ready to set an appointment. 

A “C” lead is someone who is looking to buy or sell but will not be ready for at least 90 days. These people should be contacted once a month to see if they are ready to move forward with the process and to offer any guidance or support that they need. 

This tool helps agents work the long game with those “B” and “C” leads so you never drop the ball with prospects who simply aren’t ready yet. When you categorize your leads in this way and follow up consistently, you’ll start to see your conversion rate and book of business increase significantly.

How to Increase Referrals: Top 50 

The Top 50 is an essential tool for increasing your client referrals. The Top 50 is a list of clients who already know, like, and trust you and who will likely send you at least one referral a year. It’s important to keep this list to exactly 50 people. If you don’t know 50 people that fit the description of a Top 50 client, it’s time to start connecting with more people until you do. If you know more than 50, narrow it down to the 50 people most likely to give you referrals. 

Once you’ve got 50 people on the list, schedule a personal touch with each person every month. Make sure these touches are not only consistent but also meaningful. Meet them for lunch to catch up about their life or send a birthday card and gift. Just make sure, however, you’re reaching out, it feels sincere and meaningful to the client. 

Real estate agents are in the business of relationships. Just by nurturing the relationships you have with 50 people, you can build a strong pillar of income based on referrals, and your client base will skyrocket! 

How to Earn Consistent Income as a Real Estate Agent: Daily Success Habits Tracker

Success is all about habits, and the more consistent your daily money-making habits are, the more consistent your income will be. To get clients as a real estate agent, you have to work at it consistently. To stay on track, use the Daily Success Habits Tracker. This tool allows you to look at what you did every day and evaluate whether your daily activities are generating revenue for your business. 

You’ll get points for performing different money-making activities that are designed to bring in more clients. You can choose from some of the following activities to work on daily and watch your clients and points add up: 

All of these tools, if used regularly, will improve your systems, keep you accountable for money-making habits, and help you earn consistent business. 

Whether you want to learn more about how to get clients as a real estate agent or you need help building your real estate team, Workman Success offers coaching for all of your real estate business needs. We can help you find the specific tools and systems that will help you increase referrals, improve conversion rates, and grow your business. Schedule a free consultation with an expert business analyst to learn how to take your business to the next level.