Leadership for Your Team: What Does That Mean?

Leadership for Your Team: What Does That Mean?

By Jim Knowlton


Leadership is one of the most written about topics today. In preparation for writing this article, I considered the coaching calls I recently conducted with my clients, a task that’s led to my proposing that a leader not only sets the strategic plan and action items for a team, but also leads the team by using, implementing and mastering new tools.


One such tool would be the Daily Success Habits, or DSH. The DSH is a matrix of prospecting activities such as phone calls, emails, texts, buyer showings or appointments that an agent or team leader conducts daily that are connected to a point system, where calls equal one point, showing a buyer two properties equals 10 points, etc. The goal is for each team member and leader to achieve 61 points every day.


Over the last four years that I’ve been coaching, it’s become clear to me that teams that are made or required to complete their DSH activities/points by their team leader struggle considerably more than teams that are led by their leader to complete the same activities. If you ask team members how long they think it takes to complete any of the activities, the range is 6-8 hours; however, team leaders can complete their DSH in as little as 60-90 minutes if left uninterrupted. Team members will see the commitment of the team leader and be more actively engaged at a higher level than teams with limited leadership.


Great leaders set short- and long-term goals for their team and then break them down into meaningful and useable systems and tools. They then use those same systems and tools themselves to lead by example, vastly improving the likelihood for success. The total process goal of the leader is to remove any limiting beliefs and obstacles that may stand in the way of success while meeting daily and weekly with their team to hold everyone accountable. Outcomes for the team member and the team as a whole should always focus on a win-win, thereby guaranteeing the success of the whole team.


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